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“The Rebirth of America” Dream * Dutch Sheets * GiveHIM15 * 4/10/2024 - DREAM


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April 10, 2024


“The Rebirth of America” Dream

Chris Reed of Morningstar Ministries was given a dream on March 9, 2024, which seems significant to me. In his dream, the then-upcoming eclipse of April 8th marked the triggering of a “metaphorical conception” leading to an “awakening” and rebirth in America. Reed did not attempt to define the scope of the awakening, only that it was significant enough to be part of America’s rebirth. 

I want to highlight certain aspects of the dream and offer a few comments.


The “baby” was conceived in April 2024 and born in January 2025. Its name was “America,” and the infant was wrapped in the American flag, leading Reed to use the phrase “the rebirth of America” in summarizing the dream. It is inarguable to any Bible-believing, honest person that America has lost her way and needs a rebirth. The only debatable aspect of this now is regarding the cause. Like many, I tried for several years to give the benefit of the doubt to those being used to weaken America, considering their actions simply as incompetency. I can no longer do so. No one with any intelligence whatsoever could fail to foresee the devastating effects of the left’s decisions; the damage has to be intentional. Those on the left believe America - from its inception - is systematically evil, must be dismantled, and then rebuilt as the woke, globalist nation they envision.


Those endeavoring to restructure America have made great progress in this dismantling process, so much so that the America birthed two and a half centuries ago and which subsequently grew into the greatest nation in history has been damaged beyond human ability to restore her. She must experience a supernatural rebirth, both spiritually and naturally.




The dream was related, in part, to the upcoming presidential election. As I stated, the conception of the “baby” occurred in April 2024; the birth took place in January 2025, the month of America’s presidential inauguration. In the dream, a trauma associated with the elections occurred in September or October, sending the nation into chaos and pandemonium. Reed said this was frightening and intensified the division in America. It also nearly caused “premature labor” endangering the “baby,” the rebirth of America. Because of a 1968 newspaper headline shown to him referencing the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, he felt an assassination, or an attempt to do so, could be the trigger for the chaos. Reed was appropriately cautious, not saying this would definitely occur, but stated what he saw in the dream and asked people to pray.


Likewise, I have no prophetic clarity about an assassination or an attempt to do so. I do, however, feel confident that the chaos he spoke of is indeed coming. Who could be naive enough to believe the progressive leftists and globalists will not do whatever they deem necessary to keep Trump from winning the presidency in November? Is the rebirth of America dependent on him winning the White House in November? I don’t know. It is foolish to think that any person, persons, or political party can rebirth America. It is also foolish, however, to believe that it doesn’t matter who is in power. In Scripture, Israel was judged multiple times due to the actions of its leaders, as were other nations, and conversely, was blessed based on the decisions of its leaders. Trump is not a messiah, but he does oppose the demonic opposition to America’s destiny and success. And he is correct when he says the left is actually coming after us - the patriots, the lovers of freedom, and those who honor God; he is just “standing in the way.”


The threat he presents to them - not to democracy - is cataclysmic. In 2016, fifty to sixty years of momentum for the left, beginning with the Supreme Court’s decision to expel God from public schools (Engle v. Vitale, June 15, 1962), was dramatically interrupted by the election of Trump. In response, they pulled out ALL stops in their attempts to hinder and remove him. Democrats, progressive Republicans, the Deep State, the Judicial system, mainstream media, social media, billionaires, Hollywood, and more have launched the single greatest attack on an individual in U.S. history. Trump’s survival is nothing short of miraculous. It is due to the American people waking up to the astounding levels of corruption in our nation and rallying behind him; many also believe it is because of God’s favor and protection. 


So I say again, the left will stop at NOTHING in their attempts to keep him from the White House. Buckle up; it’s gonna get turbulent!




In the dream, the “baby” named America, wrapped in the American flag, had to be placed in an incubator after its birth in January. The danger to its survival had not ended, and it wasn’t until July that the chaos and pandemonium subsided. This could very well mean that a battle will rage over the U.S. Presidency until the summer of 2025.


What can we do? Pray. God is the source of America’s recovery. Apart from His intervention, nothing that occurs in Washington D.C., will save America. Our faith is not in a political party or person. Yes, God uses people, but except He keeps the city, the watchman wakes in vain (Psalm 127:1). Pray against corruption and for exposure. Pray that every attempt to destroy America’s rebirth would fail. Pray that all deception will be broken and that America will see clearly what is truly occurring. And pray for protection over our leaders.


Do not fear the shaking; it will intensify, but we must stay in faith. Like Esther in her day, we were born for this time. Our greatest days are ahead if we persevere in faith and obedience.


Pray with me:


Father, thank You for speaking to us through dreams. Give us insights and correct interpretations. We believe You are showing us the times and seasons, and that over the next 16 months, satan will initiate chaos, attempting to thwart America's rebirth. We ask now for this to fail. We bind it in Jesus’ name. We ask for a healthy “baby,” the rebirth of America. We ask for protection from any and every attack against this. Guide us through this time and help us serve Your purposes effectively.


We ask for President Biden’s salvation, and that he be delivered from the unbiblical ideologies and strongholds that control him. May he find true repentance. We pray for Donald Trump. Purify him in whatever ways necessary. Deliver him from evil attacks, slander, and unjust prosecutions. Cause the man of Your choice to win the election. Help them restore America to morality, biblical ideals, and Your destiny for her. Lord, deliver us from evil in our government.


And we conclude by declaring that Your Kingdom authority and principles will rule over America. Your desires will be accomplished. Your church will be awakened, filled with Holy Spirit, and burn with fresh fire. We declare that we will hear Your voice clearly, going only in the direction You lead us. We boldly declare that we will not fear any shaking, chaos, or work of darkness. We will operate only in faith. All of this we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Our decree:


We decree that America is being saved and reborn, and the timing of the Lord will not be altered.


Chris Reed’s account of the dream and his explanation can be read HERE. You can find out more about Chris at

Click on the link below to watch the full video.




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