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Listen For The Whistle * Dutch Sheets * GiveHIM15 * 11/24/2023


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November 24, 2023


Listen For The Whistle


Today, our friend Gina Gholston shares a dream with us that is most certainly the Lord’s heart. Allow it to challenge and encourage you. Gina shares:


“I dreamed of a man walking along a beach. I saw a flowery archway and white chairs set up for a wedding; however, it wasn’t yet time for the ceremony to begin. This man walking on the beach was the groom diligently searching for his bride.


“Unable to find her, he looked up to see his dad standing on top of a dune. The dad, knowing his son had not yet found the bride said, ‘Whistle for her!’


“So, the groom walked further down the beach and began to whistle what I recognized as a song we sing to the Lord; but in the dream, the groom was whistling it to the bride. The words to the portion of the song he was whistling are ‘My beloved is the most beautiful among thousands and thousands.’(1) He did not sing the song, but only whistled the tune.


“Across the dune, the groom faintly heard the voice of his bride. He had often sung the song to her, so when he whistled the tune, she recognized it and cried out, ‘I’m here! I’m here!’

“The groom climbed to the top of the dune to see her and could also see a forest. Between him and the forest was a wide, treeless plain. There was a wolf pack on the plain - six wolves trotting along, single file, in an ‘S’ pattern; they were chasing the bride. She had been running from them through the forest and across the plain, and now was hiding in fear at the base of the dune in tall grass and brambles.

“The groom saw her and said, ‘Come to me.’


“She replied, ‘I’m afraid; I can’t get up there.’


“He pointed to his left and said, ‘Here’s a path.’


“It was as if the path had just formed. The bride ran up the path to him, wearing her wedding dress, but very disheveled. Her hair was messed up, her dress torn. She lifted her dress just enough for him to see that her feet were bleeding from running barefoot through the forest and across the plain.


“He then said, ‘No wonder you’re afraid. You didn’t wear the shoes I gave you.’


“She replied, ‘I have them.’ She had been carrying the shoes but hadn’t yet put them on.


“The groom said, ‘Carrying them won’t help you. You have to wear them. I gave them to you so you could wear them.’ Then he added, ‘Come with me.’


“He offered his arm, and, putting her hand in the bend of his elbow, the bride walked with him. He led her down the beach to a large, tall rock formation that was flat on top and situated next to the water. He knew the way to ascend, and led her to the top. There were two chairs, and he motioned for her to sit in one. Kneeling, he helped place her boots on, lacing them up. Still kneeling, he sewed up the rip in her dress. Then he sat next to her. The wind began to blow, arranging her hair back into place, styled beautifully.


“They were facing the ocean. From time to time, very large waves would form and come toward them, causing her to fear.


“The groom would say, ‘You don’t have to be afraid. You have your shoes on.’


“She replied, ‘But my shoes won’t help me with that.’


“He said, ‘Watch me.’ The bride focused on him and was able to watch his responses to the waves; he was actually teaching her what to do.


“When the waves formed, he would laugh, sometimes so hard he would slap his leg. As he did so, the waves would settle down before they ever reached the rock. This happened several times, and the bride began to do as he did. When the waves would form, she would laugh with him, and the waves would settle down. Then, suddenly, a massive tsunami formed very near the shore. This time, the groom didn’t laugh. His entire expression changed, not to fear but anger. The bride, however, did become afraid because this wave was so different.


“The groom then said to the bride, ‘This time, we have to stand!’ So, they stood, and she put her hand in the bend of his elbow once again. He looked out at the wave and shook his head while speaking to it in a stern, loud voice, ‘IT IS NOT TIME!’


“The bride then joined her voice with his. Together, they declared the words to the massive wave over and over, ‘IT IS NOT TIME!’


“The wave kept growing larger as if taunting them, but they continued standing and declaring, ‘No, IT IS NOT TIME!’


“The wave arrived where they were standing, crashed at the base of the rock, and even came up onto it. But the groom held the bride, and they were not moved by the wave, not even their chairs moved. The wave settled down and did not go past the rock.


“The groom then looked at his bride and said, ‘Are you ready for the wedding?’


“And she replied, ‘I am now!’” (End of dream.)


Gina shares, “I don’t feel the dream was about eschatology, but our covenantal relationship with the Lord, and understanding our role as the church. Jesus is calling us out of hiding! We must stop being fearful, running from the very things He has given us authority to conquer. He is saying to us, ‘It’s time for you to wear the shoes that bring peace, and see the path I have laid before you. My strong right arm is extended to you. Take it, receiving My revelation, and follow Me into the position I have made available to you!’


“There are waves threatening destruction and the hostile takeover of our lives, children, nation, and even our churches, but we have been made to sit together with Christ in heavenly places. The dream is a picture of our position of authority and power as the Bride of Christ; we must take our seats and work with Him! It is telling us to stay focused on Jesus, regardless of the waves that threaten to overtake us! We must watch Him, imitate Him, and wear our armor! As we acknowledge Him, He reveals Himself and makes us brave!


“Take your seat, wear your shoes of peace, and be clothed in your spiritual armor. Be revived and restored in the wind of the Spirit. Hear Christ’s whistle and respond to His song; we are His beloved, and He has need of us!”


Pray with me:


Father, we can never grasp the vastness of Your power! Your ways and thoughts are so much higher than ours. But You have given us Your Holy Spirit, who imparts to us the fullness of all that You are. He enables us, in our human flesh, to walk in Your supernatural power and make You known. We can release the light of Christ, and those in darkness will be drawn to Him, finding freedom.


Teach us, Lord, to walk in full cooperation with Holy Spirit, becoming more familiar with His leading, recognizing His inward witness as He orders our steps. Help us put on our shoes of peace, and without hesitation, step where He orders. May we, as Your Ekklesia, take our seats, watching and imitating You. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


Our decree:


We decree that Yeshua’s beloved is coming out of hiding and will shine the light of His glory, causing awakening in our nation and the world!


Today’s post was contributed by Gina Gholston and taken from her book Carry On. You can find out more about Gina at


Click the link to watch the video:







1. Referring to the song MY BELOVED IS BEAUTIFUL (YESHUA) – written by John Wilds, Jesus Image Worship, Meredith Mauldin & Michael Koulianos.

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