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The Evergreen Staff - Dutch Sheets - GiveHIM15 * 2/09/2022 - Spiritual Insight


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February 9, 2022


The Evergreen Staff



In Yesterday's post, I said that America is in covenant with God and we can use the power of covenant to defeat Satan’s plans and purposes. I also explained that there are different types and levels of covenant. Obviously, we as a nation do not have the same type of covenant with God that believers have through the blood of Jesus. The word for covenant in Scripture, however, has a much broader range of meaning than a blood covenant of this level.


The Hebrew word for covenant is beriyth. It means “a compact, covenant, alliance, pledge, promise, treaty, agreement, league; a constitution, ordinance.” We can make covenant promises, agreements, and alliances with people which are binding in the sense of honor. We are bound by integrity and principle to keep our promise, our word. These promises are not a blood covenant but they must still be honored, at times even legally. A legal contract is a binding covenant. Homeowners make contracts - covenants - with other homeowners. They are not blood covenants but, nonetheless, they are binding.



In the same sense, God sees promises He has made as covenantal. They are binding. He always keeps His word, honoring it above even His name (Psalm 138: 2). And we should consider our promises, agreements, and alliances with Him in the same way: they are covenantal.



God does not have a blood covenant with America. Nor could there ever be an agreement with a nation that rises to the level of the covenant God made with people through the blood of Christ. But He HAS entered into a covenantal alliance with America. Our Founders made statements declaring we were a nation under His rule and that we existed for His purposes, not just our own. They formed a government under His rule and guidance, and declared their dependence on Him. Four times He is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. They appealed to Him for freedom and liberty. They wrote about Him in the Constitution and asked for His guidance and help when writing it. They planted a cross on the beach at Cape Henry and dedicated this land to His purposes and plan. They actually used the word “covenant” in the Declaration of Independence. They placed a Scripture on the Liberty Bell.



These founders and leaders in America were motivated by and led by God. He was speaking through Robert Hunt at Cape Henry. He inspired the words on the Liberty Bell. He guided them as they wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. He formed this nation and gave our framers the wisdom and language to use. No other document was quoted more by our Founders than the Bible. God was pleased with the outcome. He accepted this alliance and has blessed America because of her partnership with Him. This is all covenantal in nature.



The word confession in Scripture, homologia, means “say the same thing.” There is power when we speak His words, saying what He says. This certainly refers to Scripture, but it refers to more than just Scripture. It refers to personal promises and prophetic words given to us. Paul told Timothy to war with the prophetic words spoken over him (1 Timothy 1:18). The promises He makes to us, which are often connected to His purposes for us, as they were with Timothy, have power. He wants and needs for us to agree with Him and say it!



When I speak of warring with the covenant America has with God, this is what I am referring to. I am saying we must agree with and declare the prophetic words of our founders. We must decree the promises they made to God. And we must acknowledge with our words the covenantal alliance they made with Him and He made with us. This is what it means to war with covenant.


The Appeal To Heaven flag has an evergreen tree on it. The evergreen tree symbolizes covenant, going all the way back to Abraham in Genesis 21:33. Abraham planted a tamarisk tree, which is an evergreen, and called on Everlasting God. He was declaring his covenantal allegiance to God.



In a dream given to me in 2007, I knocked out spiritual giants with a boxing glove imprinted with the word, “Evergreen.” Holy Spirit was showing me that one of the ways we would take out the spiritual giants ruling America was through the power of our covenant with Him. By speaking and declaring what He has said and planned for America, and by declaring our alliance with Him, we are warring with covenant.


Recently, Holy Spirit gave a powerful dream to one of our friends, Gina Gholston, which pictures this in another way:


“I dreamed I was with some prayer leaders, including Dutch Sheets. We walked through a field of tall grass and noticed a hill in front of us. This caught our attention because it was the only hill around us. The rest of the land was a level, grassy field.


“On the top of the hill was a huge, very old, beautiful tree. We were so captivated by this tree that we decided to climb the hill to get a closer look. The tree was the only thing on the hill, and its canopy was so large that shade from it covered the entire hill. The ground around the tree was level, and the grass was tall and thick.


“We were in awe of this beautiful tree, amazed at the size of the trunk and the massive expanse of its canopy. As we walked around the tree, looking up into the branches, someone tripped over what appeared to be a root protruding out of the ground. All of a sudden, these ‘roots’ appeared everywhere. Where there had been tall, thick grass, now there was no grass, and these ‘roots’ were laying all over the top of the ground. They had not been there when we first arrived. We were very puzzled by this, so I walked over and looked at one of them more closely.



“As I did, I could see that the ‘root’ was moving. The movement had not been obvious until I looked more closely. I motioned for my friend to come to where I was standing, and whispered to her, ‘Watch this!’ We both could clearly see the ‘root’ was moving.


“I walked over to Dutch and said, ‘These are not roots; they’re the backbones of demons. They are alive and are eating the root system of this beautiful tree.’ The demons didn’t realize we could see them, but their backbones were exposed and we could see their movements.


“I then asked the prayer leaders, ‘What should we do about this?’



“Dutch replied, ‘I know what to do!’ He stepped away for a moment and then returned carrying a perfectly carved wooden staff.


“Someone asked, ‘What is that?’


“I knew what he held and said, ‘This is a staff that has been carved from an old tamarisk tree. Tamarisks are evergreens.’


“Dutch nodded his head yes. He then handed the staff to me, and I walked over to one of the demon backbones. I struck it with the evergreen staff and, as I did, the demon vanished. I could physically hear the sound ‘poof;’ and it was gone. I began walking from ‘root’ to ‘root’ hitting them with the evergreen staff. I then looked at the other prayer leaders and noticed that they all now had staffs in their hands made from evergreens. They, too, were using the staffs to destroy the demons. Together, we shattered every demon and saved the tree.”



End of dream.



The tree represents America. I will say more about this dream in tomorrow’s post. Today, however, I just want to state the significance of the tamarisk evergreen tree staffs. Made of the same type evergreen Abraham used, the tamarisk tree, there can be no doubt that they represent covenant. As intercessors, it is by honoring and declaring our allegiance to God - our promises to Him, His promises to us, and our alliance with Him - that we will break the power of the demonic forces trying to destroy our nation. Let’s do so now, using the decrees we used yesterday.




We decree that America was founded by God, under an appeal to heaven, and that an appeal to heaven will give us a rebirth!


We decree that we are a voice for Him to the ends of the earth, and the gospel of the kingdom will go forth from America to all people!


We decree that we are a Christian nation, founded under Christ’s blood and rule, and that we have no king but Jesus!


We decree that Yahweh is our Lawgiver, our Judge, and our King, and that our three branches of government were founded under this truth! (Isaiah 33:22) They will return to this!


We decree we are a city on a hill, shining God’s light to all the earth, and that darkness will not win!


We decree that God’s mercy over America endures forever, that His mercies are new every morning!


We decree that He who began a good work in us will complete it, that God had a plan for our restoration before we even turned against Him!


We decree that nothing can stop this turnaround because our trust is in God! This is even on our currency! We agree with it!


We decree that God’s redeeming power is greater than satan’s deceiving lies, and that His truth will prevail!

We decree that salvation belongs to God and that he loves to save, taking no pleasure in judgment!
We decree that we are seated with Christ, and that satan is under our feet. We are far above all principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness!
We decree that we are Christ’s Ekklesia/government on earth and that we have His keys of authority to bind and loose, open and close.

We decree that no weapon formed against America, nor against the purposes of God in our generation, will prosper.


We decree that America shall be saved...!!!


Click on the link below to watch to the full video.

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A Correction to above Post:

This is in the opening of Dutch's Post for 2/10/2022, The Tree Shall Live:


(Before I share today’s post I want to issue a correction for yesterday‘s post. In paragraph four, I said that the word “covenant” is in the Declaration of Independence. Since I had referenced the Declaration of Independence already in the paragraph, one of my proofers assumed I was still talking about this document, and changed the word “declaration” to “Declaration of Independence.” I was not referring to that. I was referencing the statement made by Robert Hunt at Cape Henry in 1607. He used the word “covenant” in his declaration. I did not catch this late last night until I was actually recording the post, nor did my proofer. This is now corrected in the written post at 

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