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Tuesday Afternoon Opinions @ 5:55 PM CST - 12/28/2021


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Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... :twothumbs:RON 


*** Adam Montana   Article quote:  "...the Central Bank of Iraq announced on December 22, 2021 the completion of the last remaining installment of Kuwait’s compensation amounting to (44) million US dollars, and thus Iraq had completed the payment of the full compensation amounts approved by the United Nations Compensation Committee of the UN Security Council..."  I’m sure everyone here already understands how big this is… what an incredible milestone! This post was taken from another site that follows Adam, and posts snippets from them.



*** Breitling  Question: "I've been seeing articles about the Central Bank of Iraq meeting with other central banks in other countries like Saudi Arabia and Britain .  They're setting up central bank branches in the countries and vice versa.  Is that significant...?"  It is.  It's specifically so other countries can use their currency.  Very specific.  Their currency [dinar] is going to go out there...they have to have people trying to use the Iraqi dinar which helps their supply times velocity.  That's why it's so exciting...It is the formula.  So we're here.


*** Frank26  Article: "Legal: The Government Can Remove Iraq From Chapter VI After Paying Kuwait Compensation They've already paid off Kuwait...they already paid off everybody...the last banana peel of Chapter VII is Chapter VI...this article talks about what they already did with the United Nations and why they're about to go and float their currency...

*** Mnt Goat ...I fully believe this...the revaluation of the currency...has been tied to the ongoing sanctions from the UN and then the US Treasury... the remaining obstacle to the last step in the currency reform process is the exit from Chapter VI and VII of the Charter of the United it is time to take the next step. It has been a hard 18 years (almost 2 more decades) for Iraq, 3 decades altogether since the Kuwaiti invasion. But Iraq is now about to make a giant leap forward and it has in its sights to remake the late 1920’s kind of an economy with abundance and prosperity that was indicative of that period. Yes, they want these “glory” days once again. They even told us so..[post 1 of 2].

*** Mnt Goat is...very good news! The Central Bank of Iraq announced recently that last Tuesday, the payment of the last installment of $44 million was paid to Kuwait early. This will lead the way to the dismissal out of Chapter VI and VII. The UN the Security Council still has to formally vote on it and it is scheduled for an early February 2022 meeting. Iraq has already submitted the paperwork for the request to the UN.  Could they convene earlier and fool us How does this effect the RV I am not certain if they can still go ahead with the project to delete the zeros with anticipation of being released from these sanctions. There is no legal parameter preventing it from the CBI, however we know this is the first step in the process to reinstate and so once started they can’t turn back. [post 2 of 2].


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