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The Jezebel Spirit


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The Jezebel Spirit

The Jezebel Spirit is a spirit of fear and selfishness that seeks to control situations and people through:


(The order is not sequential. The spirit will move through whatever means it needs to achieve its desired outcome).

The Jezebel Spirit attaches itself to and manifests through people who have unhealed areas of trauma, insecurity and rejection. It also manifests through narcissism via extreme selfishness.

Domination - forcing another to do your will through threats and intimidation.

Seduction - using sexual allure or sympathetic plights to get another to do your will. Examples of this are cry-bullying & physical attraction.

Manipulation- covertly influencing someone through deceptive practices to do your will. Examples: False accusation and insincere concern for someone’s welfare.

The Jezebel Spirit will seek to exercise authority where it has none. It will seek to assume authority over those whom it has no authority over. All of this is done for the purpose of controlling an individual or an outcome.

The only successful way to deal with the Jezebel Spirit is to never give it an inch. If you give an inch it will take a mile.

Pray for the person who is harassed by the Jezebel Spirit but do not associate yourself with them unless they are showing signs of wanting deliverance. If they can admit and confess what they are doing then you can work with them and help them. But if not, they will make your life a living hell.

Don’t tolerate it.

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It’s also a “religious” spirit . . . loves to control in church!  Appears to be sincere but easy to figure out quickly!


If she (spirit) is ruling and reigning, commanding and demanding . . . Jezzy is usually present.  We are supposed to rule and reign in the Spirit in the Kingdom, against the darkness but never in the flesh!


Yes, I agree one must rise up against this immediately because you know the story . . . gets a toehold then a foothold and then a stronghold.


Thanks Markinsa!

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