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G20 summit: China pledges to provide "Covid-19" vaccines for developing countries

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G20 summit: China pledges to provide "Covid-19" vaccines for developing countries

G20 summit: China pledges to provide "Covid-19" vaccines for developing countries
Chinese President Xi Jinping
 November 21, 2020 08:04 PM

Direct: Chinese President Xi Jinping said today, Saturday, that his country will fulfill its obligations regarding assistance and support for other developing countries by making vaccines for the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) a public good available and affordable.

Ping added - in his videoconference to the G20 summit chaired by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - that China will strive to make vaccines a general product that people around the world can use as well as can afford it, stressing that China actively supports international cooperation for the Coronavirus (Covid 19) vaccine. .

The Chinese president added that his country has joined the "Coronavirus Vaccine Implementation Plan", and that it is ready to strengthen cooperation with other countries for the development, production and distribution of vaccines.

Ping called for the establishment of an international mechanism for the mutual recognition of the health code, expressing his welcome for the participation of more countries.

The Chinese president said the mechanism should be based on the results of nucleic acid tests and the use of globally recognized rapid response codes, stressing that it is necessary to enhance integration of policies and standards and build "fast channels" to facilitate the orderly exchange of people.

He noted that China is ready to work with all parties to explore and formulate rules for digital governance on the basis of the global initiative on data security proposed by his country.

In the face of concerns about data security, the digital divide, personal privacy, ethics, etc., the Chinese president pointed out, countries should adhere to a human-centered and fact-based political direction, encourage innovation, build mutual trust, and support the United Nations to play a pioneering role in this regard and work. Together for an advanced, open, fair and non-discriminatory digital environment.

Ping noted that it is necessary to transform crises into opportunities, stimulate new development momentum through technological innovation and digital transformation, enhance cooperation in the field of data security, develop digital infrastructure, and create equal opportunities for science and technology companies in various countries.

And Ping considered that the new Corona virus (Covid 19) epidemic showed shortcomings in global governance, which reflects the need to follow the principle of intensive consultation, joint participation and mutual benefits, commitment to pluralism, openness and tolerance, mutually beneficial cooperation, and progress with the times, with the need to lead The G20 has a greater leadership role in this regard.

Ping also stressed that it is necessary to vigorously protect the multilateral trading system and support the reform of the World Trade Organization, enhance its effectiveness and authority, promote free trade, oppose unilateralism and protectionism, and protect the rights of development and the space of developing countries.

Ping said that the international conference to reduce food losses should be held at an appropriate time, expressing his country welcoming the active participation of G20 members and relevant international organizations.

The Chinese president also considered that building a new development pattern is by no means a closed policy, but rather a concurrent effort by the supply and demand sides to abolish the complete ban on production, distribution, circulation and consumption, improve economic flexibility and competitiveness, and build a new high-level open economic system, which will save more. Opportunities for countries to share the fruits of China's high-quality economic development.

The Chinese president stressed that the most urgent task at the present time is to strengthen the global public health system to prevent and control the new Corona virus (Covid 19) and other infectious diseases, calling for strengthening the role of the organization, preventing and responding to global epidemics, and preserving human health and safety, And building a community of common health for mankind.

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