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Franco Califano (RIP) - Tutto Il Resto E' Noia ( All the Remainder Is Boredom)

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Franco Califano AKA "Il Califfo" (The Caliph... playing with his last name) as he used to be a famous womanizer ( he even wrote books about  his life/love/sex experiences as a sort of how-to manual.....)







Si, d'accordo l'incontro/ yeah ok, the date
un'emozione che ti scoppia dentro/ a great emotion exploding inside you
l'invito a cena dove c'è atmosfera/ the invite to dinner here there's a certain mood
la barba fatta con maggiore cura./ the beard shaved more accurately
la macchina a lavare ed era ora/ the car to wash and now
hai voglia di far centro quella sera/ you really wanna make an impression on her
si d'accordo ma poi../ yes, ok, but then
tutto il resto è noia/ the rest is boredom
no, non ho detto gioia,ma noia, noia, noia,/i didn't say delight, but bore
maledetta noia./ damn boredom

Si, lo so il primo bacio/yeah, i know, the first kiss
il cuore ingenuo che ci casca ancora/ the naive heart still falling for that
col lungo abbraccio l'illusione dura/ with a long embrace the illusion lasts
rifiuti di pensare a un'avventura./ you refuse to think about a one-night-stand
Poi dici cose giuste al tempo giusto/ then you say the right things at the right moment
e pensi il gioco è fatto è tutto a posto/ and you think, "it's done, everything is perfect"
si,d'accordo ma poi.../ yeah, ok, but then
tutto il resto è noia/ the rest is boredom
no, non ho detto gioia,ma noia, noia, noia,/i didn't say delight, but bore
maledetta noia./ damn boredom

Poi la notte d'amore/ then the night of love
per sistemare casa un pomeriggio/ to tidy up the house one afternoon
sul letto le lenzuola color grigio/ gray sheets on the bed
funziona tutto come un orologio./ everything works as a clock
La prima sera devi dimostrare/ the first night you have to prove
che al mondo solo tu sai far l'amore/ to the world you're the only one who can make love
si, d'accordo ma poi../ yeah, whatever but then
Tutto il resto è noia/ the rest is boredom
no,non ho detto noia/ i didn't say bore
ma noia, noia, noia,/but bore bore bore
maledetta noia./ damn boredom

Si d'accordo il primo anno/yeah, ok the first year
ma l'entusiasmo che ti resta ancora/ but the enthusiasm still left
è brutta copia di quello che era/ is only a bad copy of the one you had
cominciano i silenzi della sera/ and silences start at night
inventi feste e inviti gente in casa/ you make up parties and invite people at home
così non pensi almeno fai qualcosa/ so you don't think at least you have something to do
si, d'accordo ma poi../Yeah, whatever, but then
tutto il resto è noia/ the rest is boredom
no, non ho detto gioia,ma noia, noia, noia,/i didn't say delight, but bore
maledetta noia./ damn boredom

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    • By umbertino
      Napoli Centrale (name  indicates  Naples' main train station) were formed in Naples in 1974 on the initiative of James Senese (sax, vocals....later he will play with Pino Daniele-RIP & others) and Franco Del Prete (drums) after their experience in another band called the Showmen 2. They joined forces with American keyboardist Mark Harris and British bassist Tony Walmsley and in 1975 released an eponymous debut album blending in an original way Mediterranean roots and jazz rock.
      James Senese's father was an American soldier who had been working in the base of Naples and his mother was a Neapolitan girl, perhaps that's why the fusion between Afro-American music and Neapolitan folklore sounds so natural and authentic in the band's output.
      Franco Del Prete-RIP (umb's note: one of the best Italian drummers) committed lyrics in Neapolitan dialect add a touch of colour contributing to express what's an almost a tribal rage. They perfectly fit the music composed by James Senese where you can find influences ranging from Weather Report and Miles Davis to Osanna (Italian Band)
      The opener "Campagna" (Countryside) begins softly with a short intro featuring shy flutes notes... Then the rhythm section starts pulsing while vocals describe in a caustic way how "beautiful" is the countryside.
      Lyrics depict the miserable life of the farm labourers, exploited by their greedy employers... "Countryside / How beautiful is the country... But it is more beautiful for the landlord!".
      The rhythm is full of energy and James Senese's draws fiery sax passages under a midday sun. This track was released also as a single and was quite successful in Italy. An absolutely unexpected result for such kind of song!
    • By umbertino
      Old expression: Roma Caput Mundi (latin)....Meaning Rome capital / head of the world....Indeed a beautiful city
      A dedication to his hometown
      Saw him in concert in 1975 ( he was opener for Perigeo) and then again in 1976
      ( Sung in Roman dialect which is very similar to proper Italian unlike other  Italian dialects)
      How beautiful you are oh Rome in the evenings
      when the moon reflects itself
      inside the big fountain
      and the couples desert the streets

      How beautiful you are oh Rome when it rains
      How great you are oh Rome when it’s dusk
      and the orange turns red
      on top of your seven hills
      and the windows are like numerous eyes
      that seem to tell you: how beautiful you are!
      Today it feels like
      if time had stopped here
      I see the majesty of the Colosseum
      I see the sanctity of the big Dome
      and I am more alive and I am better
      no, I’ll never leave you
      Rome, head of this infamous world

      a carriage drives away two foreigners
      a second-hand dealer asks you if you’ve got some rags
      the bedraggled sparrows are nightingales
      I was born in Rome
      I discovered you this morning
    • By umbertino
      Great song with awesome lyrics imo
    • By umbertino
      The TV remains off and I don't watch it anymore
      I feel a lump in my throat that is difficult to swallow
      I'm smoking a little, I go through the curtains
      Grey skies lead me, I'm not leaving because I'm overtaken by
      A nostalgy that rises slowly, like never before
      I'm thinking about you, I'm asking myself now where are you and what you do
      Who knows if you have ever thought about me
      About our fire that was burining and now became ashes
      But everything goes by, and even if it feels strange I'm smiling, because I know
      That today I won't call you up
      Whatever will be, will be - and I'm ok with it
      Whatever was, it's now gone away and it's past if you keep it
      And it's already raining really hard, the rain wets my skin
      But I'll dry myself because I know
      That time moves in circles, and a little time is what it takes
      While a good guy is warding off evil spirits
      Waiting for the sun
      Today there's no sun around to save me
      To shine and warm me up
      I want the sun
      I'm searching for a new light in the confusion of a good guy
      And today is just like yesterday
      But maybe it's just a sensation
      Invention of the good guy's mind
      There will be no sun
      It will seem that everything stays the same
      Whatever will be, will be
      I'm in a bad mood
      But no one calls me and I don't know who to call
      I'm trying to move on and think only about what I have to do
      Oh, Jesus, Jesus, I'm the victim of demons which are coming back for me
      My naughty thoughts that are waiting for me
      Haunting, talking and talking
      Where are the rays that were warming up the good guy
      Where are the others who choosed to be like me, now that I'm in the cyclone
      Later on I'll find my remedy
      Later on I'll mix the roots and culture, pure energy
      The music dedicates me these words
      I'll chase these rhymes and I know that sun will come back sooner or later
      Today there's no sun around to save me
      To shine and warm me up
      I want the sun
      I'm searching for a new light in the confusion of a good guy
      Whatever happens, happens itself
      I only count on myslef, and I already know that you already know that
      Boy does what he has to do when there's no love
      I must beg because there's a lack of money in my pocket
      It's always more and more difficult to keep yourself calm in such situation
      I don't want to do it anymore
      I'm starting from zero, I know that in this way I have to go but
      There's no light anymore, only a darkness that hurts
      There's no peace anymore, only the anger that grows every day
      I know very well where I'm now and I want to stay here
      Feel the beat, if you're listening come and pick me up
      Kidnap me
      Music strikes the heart
      Boom cha boom and there's no pain anymore
      Stretch out your healing hands to the good guy
      While he's waiting for the sun
      Today there's no sun around to save me
      To shine and warm me up
      I want the sun
      I'm searching for a new light in the confusion of a good guy
    • By umbertino
      Saw them in 1973 ( that's 47 years ago...Yes, I'm gettin' old.....)
      Good concert
      Claudio Rocchi (RIP) was the opener
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