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American newspaper: the militia that assassinated Hashemi is too big for anyone to approach .. and some of Al-Kazemi’s aides have fled abroad

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Friday, July 31, 2020 10:10 AM


American newspaper: the militia that assassinated Hashemi is too big for anyone to approach .. and some of Al-Kazemi’s aides have fled abroad

Al-Kazemi and Al-Hashemi


The American newspaper "Washington Post" revealed that there is a state of terror among Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi 's aides and advisors after the assassination of security expert Hisham al-Hashemi, as he was working on his team.

The newspaper added, in a report, quoting Al-Kazemi's aides, that the message that reached Al-Kazemi 's assistants is none of you safe. The Washington Post, quoting sources inside the Prime Minister's Department, also pointed out that Al-Kazemi wants to reveal the truth, but it is certain that the "militia" that assassinated Hashemi is too close to anyone.

And the newspaper "Washington Post", that determining who gave the orders to assassinate the security expert Hisham al-Hashemi, may explode the political situation in the country significantly. She noted in a report that the assassination of Hashemi, caused a shock in the ranks of the government and exposed the dangers of confrontation with "Iranian-backed factions."

A report by the American newspaper stated that many of Al-Kazimi's advisers were surprised by the assassination of Al-Hashemi, who is close to him, considering that the violence could reach a degree close to those around the prime minister. Despite his pledge to rein in Iranian-backed factions, the newspaper indicated that it remains unclear to what extent Al-Kazemi will dare go forward with regard to the Hashemite killing.

And she adds, while investigations into the incident are underway to arrest the killers, al- Kazemi's aides say and political allies say determining who gave the orders to assassinate Hashemi could explode the country’s political situation dramatically.

The newspaper quoted one of Al-Kazemi's advisersSaying that the Prime Minister wants justice, but his hands are tied. The consultant, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the American newspaper because of the sensitivity of the issue, that opening a thorough investigation into the reason for this happening is simply very dangerous for any prime minister here.

And the newspaper continues that "political aides to Al-Kazemi began to wonder out loud, which of us will be next ?, at a time when many of them disappeared from appearing on television and others left Baghdad, and those who are already abroad, they said they will not return for a while. And
another aide revealed to Al-Kazemi Hisham’s assassination was a message that everyone heard .. They have shown that no matter how close you are, factions can always reach you.
What happens in Iraq? What will happen in Iraq?This is what the next few period will answer under a weak prime minister.صحيفة-أمريكية-الميليشيا-التي-اغتالت-الهاشمي-أكبر-من-أن-يقترب-منها-أحد-وبعض-مساعدي-الكاظمي-فروا-للخارج

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