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Eugenio Finardi - Diesel

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Mi piace mangiare ridere e bere
I like eating, laughing and drinking
prendere dalla vita quello che ha da dare
taking from life everything it has to offer
se mi piace fumare, non c’è niente di male
if I like smoking, there's nothing wrong about
stare per un poco ad osservare,
staying and observing for a while
e non mi piacciono le leggi ed i regolamenti
and I dislike laws and regulations
le dogane e i documenti
customs and documents
e tutto quello che non serve a niente
and all the useless stuff as well
altro che a controllare la gente.
and even less controlling people.

Mi piace pensare ed analizzare
I like thinking and analyzing
scegliere una musica con cui giocare
choosing a music I can play with
prendo una melodia, cerco una armonia
I take a song, I look for harmony
ci costruisco sopra la mia idea,
I build my ideas around it
e non mi piacciono i martiri nè i profeti
and I dislike martyrs and prophets
mi prendon male i furbi e i preti
sly people and priests irritate me
tutta gente che ha paura di fare
[and] all the people who are afraid of taking action
e si permette anche di criticare.
and has the nerve to criticize.

Mi piace guardare e fotografare
I like contemplating and taking pictures
cogliere una immagine da fissare
capturing an image to focus on
perché se dal futuro voglio avere dell’affetto
because if I want to have affection form the future
devo imparare a vivere il presente con rispetto,
I have to learn to live the present respectfully
e non mi piace chi mi dice di portar pazienza
and I dislike people who tell me to be patient
chi si fa strada con la violenza
those who make their way through violence
e chi sta lì dietro alla sua fede
and those who stay behind their faith
e non dubita mai di ciò che crede
and never doubt what they believe

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Like an animal 








Tonight I don't want to go out, neither to meet people
No, don't worry, there's nothing wrong
I'm not looking to fight, I don't want to talk about it, trying to understand it
It's that tonight all I want is
To make love like an animal
I want to make love until it hurts
I want to make love, I want to make love


If you go there, have a drink and lock the door
Here under the blanket it's warm, even if it's raining outside
And this bit of sadness is nothing else than desire for tenderness
And tonight I only feel like
Making love like an animal
I want to make love until it hurts
I want to make love, I want to make love


I'll give you everything you want
If you had everything, you know, I'd give it to you
From today my dreams are yours
But don't ever leave me


Tonight I want to let my instincts guide me
I want to succeed to release all that's inside of me
I'm tired of thinking, I don't want to play a role
All I want tonight is
To make love like an animal
I want to make love
I want to make love

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Eugenio, Italian father / US mother, was born (1952) and raised in Milan, Italy and attended the American school there ...Many years ago he used to be heavily involved into drug addiction ( heroin) but then was finally able to get out of it and he has succeded in  staying clean ever since




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      Bass & keyboards : 2 "Area" band members
      Saw him live in 1980 if I recall correctly...His beautiful voice along with his great band (talented bassist  Stefano Cerri-RIP)
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      Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini's son
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      Strage di Reggio Emilia [Reggio Emilia Massacre]: Five Trade Unionists, including three Italian Partisan veterans, are shot by police in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Following the announcement in June 1960 by the fascist MSI that its national conference will be held in Genoa, a city famous for its resistance to Fascism, workers in Genoa organised a series of wildcat strikes.
      In clashes with police, one anti-Fascist trade unionist is killed. In response, the Italian General Confederation of Labour calls a national strike. In the city of Reggio Emilia, 20,000 workers take to the streets. The only 'official' space allowed - the Verdi Hall which has 600 seats - is too small to contain the crowd, so a group of 300 workers from the Officine Meccaniche Reggiane (Reggiane Mechanical Workshops) gather in front of the War memorial, singing anti-Fascist songs.
      The police charge and attack the crowd with tear gas and water canon. Workers man barricades and fight back. Dejected by the resistance of the protesters, the police take out their guns and start shooting. Five are killed and sixteen are wounded.

      Those killed:
      · Lauro Farioli (b. 1938), aged 22, married father of one.
      · Ovidio Franchi (b. 1941), aged 22, the youngest of the fallen.
      · Marino Serri (b. 1919), aged 41, a veteran of the 76th Partisan Brigade (Squadre di azione patriottica).
      · Afro Tondelli (b. 1924), aged 36, also a veteran of the 76th Partisan Brigade (Squadre di azione patriottica).
      · Emilio Reverberi (b. 1921), aged 39 years, a veteran of the 144a Brigata Garibaldi.

      The dead were imortalised in the famous song by Fausto Amodei entitled 'Per i morti di Reggio Emilia' (To the Dead of Reggio Emilia).

      "Compagno Ovidio Franchi, compagno Afro Tondelli, / e voi Marino Serri, Reverberi e Farioli / dovremo tutti quanti aver d'ora in avanti / voialtri al nostro fianco per non sentirci soli" (Comrade Ovidio Franchi, comrade Afro Tondelli / and you, Marino Serri, Reverberi and Farioli / from now on, we'll act as if you were beside us / by our side forever, so not to feel alone.)
      You comrade and citizen, you brother partisan
      let's hold all by the hand in these saddest days:
      again in Reggio Emilia, again down there in Sicily
      some comrades have fallen by the hand of the fascists

      And again like in the past days all Italy is swept
      by raging winds and the storm is blowing

      Ovidio Franchi died at the age of nineteen
      for those who feel tired or are prey to doubt.
      Lauro Farioli died so to remedy your fault
      if you've already forgotten Duccio Galimberti.

      They all died about twenty, they died for our future,
      they all died like old partisans.

      Marino Serri died, so did Afro Tondelli,
      but all our brothers have kept their eyes dry.
      Comrades, never forger that this bitter blood
      shed in Reggio Emilia is our own blood.

      Blood of our own blood, nerves of our own nerves
      just like the blood of the Cervi brothers (seven brothers killed by the fascists).

      The only true friend staying beside us now
      is always the same who was with us on the mountains,
      and the enemy is always and will always be the same
      as that we fought against on the mountains and in Spain

      And it's the same song that we have to sing:
      We got worn shoes, and yet we've to go on.

      Comrade Ovidio Franchi, comrade Afro Tondelli,
      and you, Marino Serri, Reverberi and Farioli,
      from now on, we'll act as if you were beside us,
      by our side forever, so not to feel alone.

      Fallen of Reggio Emilia, get out from your grave,
      get out and sing with us Bandiera Rossa (red flag),
      get out and sing with us Bandiera Rossa!
      Cervi brothers ( mentioned in song) massacre
    • By umbertino
      Mind, heart, hands, eyes, arms, mouth, legs, name
      There is always time to sing, the sky, the water, a body, all
      Then you can go wherever you want,
      then you can be as you wish,
      Then you can be with whomever you want,
      then you can take it or leave it
      then you can choose to give.
      Bread, sound, air
      voices, friends, stuff, making love
      There is always time to sing, you, the stars, the smoke, everything.
      Then you can go wherever you want,
      then you can be as you wish,
      then you can be with whomever you want,
      then you can take it or leave it,
      then you can choose to give.
      om hari om ...
      Saw him in concert in 1973 ( he was opener for  "Le Orme" concert)....Very good, intense, special atmosphere....RIP....Thanks Claudio.....
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