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    • By ronscarpa
      1-23-2020   Newshound Guru Jeff particular saying that the timing at which they put in the prime minister has everything to do with the timing of the rate change...that basically once they put in a prime minister that roughly within a month that's when the rate is gonna change.  That's not the case...  Both the demonstrations along with Iran and along with the Prime Minister is just all coincidence.   Those scenarios have nothing to do with the timing of the rate change.  That's been scheduled since early last year...Who's in charge of the rate change?  Donald Trump...(Post 1 of 2).. . more to come.

      1-23-2020   Intel Guru Frank26  ...President Trump is more deeply involved in monetary reform of the dinar in Iraq...what if he told the Central Bank of Iraq it's time for you to stop using the American dollar.  Play fairly.  Does that sound familiar?  The way that you do that is stopping your auctions...IMO what Donald Trump did with the central bank of Iraq just recently was to give them a time-frame that specified a date with a "no later than " end date...
      I wonder where these guys come up with these outrageous opinions. If the American President had the power to cause any RI/RV obama would have done it and pat himself on the back...! JMHO ..... RON
    • By ronscarpa
      1-22-2020   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   When I bought Iraqi dinar for the first time, I will admit that I was not nearly as knowledgeable about it as I am today.  Over the years, I have continued to learn about it, educating myself and sharing that education, and I am more confident than ever that this will end with a good profit.  The year 2020 continues to shape up as a GREAT year for it, too! ...My friends, this situation is unfolding before our eyes... I have a strong feeling that the Dinar news is going to get much more exciting, very soon.  Taken from a site that follows Adam's Opinions and posts them. 
      1-22-2020   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   Article quote:  "Iraqi President Barham Salih tells President Donald Trump “These are challenging times, and United States has been a partner to #Iraq and in the war against ISIS” and stresses common interests in the region."  There is a bit of talk about the USofA interfering, influencing, or otherwise controlling Iraq. This holds some truth... My opinion is that Trump may not be directly responsible for Iraq's RV, but Iraq is being pushed to move away from Iran, and that is a good thing. Articles like these are pretty solid evidence that Iraq wishes to stay on our good side, and all that nonsense about Iraq "wanting US troops out immediately" was just that: nonsense.  Taken from a site that follows Adam's Opinions and posts them. 
      Adam's full chat can be found on the Chat Logs Forum as: Adam Montana Weekly 22 January 2020 
    • By ronscarpa
      1-22-2020   Newshound Guru Jeff    ...a lot of BS is coming out right now.  They're doing that to mislead us because we're getting closer to the finish line.  On Monday they came out saying that they nominated a prime minister and then today Salih says he withdrew it because political bloc's did not agree.  Now Salih is going to Davos, Switzerland to meet with Trump.  So after that Salih says he's going too appoint or nominate a new P.M.  So we're waiting now on Thursday until we get a new P.M.  We'll have to see how that goes.  Lots of BS in the news coming out right now so it's hard and challenging to really focus on the news but that's all by design...

      1-22-2020   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   If the dinar is ever going to go up in value it will be as a result of Iraq implementing laws for investment and investors coming to participate in the rebuilding. Only then can the dinar begin to appreciate as a result...

    • By ronscarpa
      1-21-2020   Intel Guru RayRen98   ...Iraqi TV has legal activists saying the budget will be given to the Finance Minister and he can present it to Parliament for voting and passage since the caretaker government is limited in what it can legally do. This is being voted on in Parliament to get done so the budget can be presented...Iraqi citizens are in the streets today regarding the slow pace of reforms... Saleh announced postponement of nomination of next pm had meeting this morning with several key figures on agreement before travel...

      1-21-2020   Intel Guru Delta   Article:  "Legal Spotlights on the Central Bank's Independence from the Executive Authority - A Comparative Analytical Study"    Quote:  "CBI is in the process of drawing up and implementing monetary policy"   MORE CONFIRMATION CBI ON THE VERGE OF...YOU KNOW..MUSIC TO MY EARS.

      1-21-2020   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    What the guru's keep talking about (some overnight event) to delete zeros is a LOP.  That is not what we want to see. That is a neutral event. There is no overnight significant RV/RI... What we want to see is for Iraq to create the economic conditions (laws, investment) to create a thriving private sector/market economy. As a result, the dinar will rise in value gradually via a float increasing the value. This is what Iraqis prefer and it also would allow for the money supply to be reduced. I can't believe Kap is even using the term "LOP"...since he said for years it would never LOP.  I understand what he's saying about an overnight SIGNIFICANT change, because he doesn't believe there will be a significant value increase overnight, but is insistent on a slow gradual float to increase value. Time will tell...none of us know what will actually happen. We continue to WAIT..! RON

    • By ronscarpa
      1-21-2020  **** Dinar Newsflash ****  It appears Iraq has a new Prime Minister!  The question now is...who the heck is it???  News and intel reports have been all over the place.  Two names (there may even be a third) have come into focus...Ali Al-Shukri...who seems to be the protestors pick and Muhammad Allawi...favored by the Iranian faction of the GOI government.  Obviously, this is an critical juncture for Iraq and the dinar.  A lot is at stake.  Which side is going to win Iraq?     1-21-2020   Intel Guru Frank26    ...If it is like they are telling you in the articles today that they have a new prime minister (not quite yet - two in the running), well then what does that mean?  It means you no longer have a caretaker government...What do you think is the first demands the citizens want? ...they wanted a new government...second thing they want?  Purchasing power.  Because they know that that's coming...But first they have to actually have the Prime Minister sworn in..!!

      1-21-2020   Newshound Guru chattels   Article:  "Baghdad / Nina / Legal expert Tariq Harb confirmed that: Dr. Ali Al-Shukri is just around the corner from the title of His Excellency the Prime Minister-designate ."    Will it be Ali Al-Shukri or Muhammad Allawi ?
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