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Kevin McCarthy debuts new ad praising Trump's election prowess. It uses Russian stock footage.

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Russia seems to loom over just about everything election-related these days.

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) unveiled a new ad Monday defending President Trump while he remains the subject of an impeachment investigation and the 2020 general election draws ever closer.

McCarthy's ad portrays Trump as someone who has shown the ability to get elected and achieve results in office, despite having many people try to upend him.


What if I told you...
⇒ He won the election.
⇒ He spoke for millions who didn’t have a voice.
⇒ Despite their obstruction, he is still getting things done for the American people.

Embedded video

One criticism Trump hears from his opponents is that he's either willingly or unwittingly a pawn of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose government is widely believed to have interfered in 2016's election. It's likely to come up more often as the election approaches. So with that in mind, some eagle-eyed observers, like CNN's Andrew Kaczynski, spotted stock footage that seems to have been shot in Russia in the McCarthy ad. The congressman's team may designate someone to check the location of images going forward.



A little on the nose the stock footage used here was Russian.



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