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    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Wednesday everyone!
      Just dropping a note to say I am here, just swamped today with some work that's unrelated to Dinar.
      Rather than give 20%, I'm going to postpone until later this week. 
      This one has some potential... more on that when I return.
      Have a fantastic day, everyone! Life is good, don't forget to smell the roses and dance in the rain. Or snow, if that's what you have outside. You get my point.
      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning good morning!!!
      We are a couple days past the presentation of the new (possibly interim) Prime Minister, and my sentiments thus far can be summarized in a word:
      The abbreviated backstory goes like this:
      Iraq thrown into dark ages, currency plummets in value. A decade of work later, Iraq is fairly stable and they still have enough black gold to fill a gazillion olympic pools. Corruption remains a problem, citizens tire of the charades, demand change. November 2019, former PM Mahdi resigns.  Several unsuitable candidates were presented, we hung in limbo.  
      The new PM was selected late last week. He's had less than a full week to screw it up, and he has not. 
      Seriously - 5 days is plenty of time to drive the bus right off a cliff, and he has not.
      In fact, he's doing things right. One great example of what's going on in the background - the stuff we don't see on the news - is this thread, where Iran is obviously making a last ditch effort to hold ground. 
      Does anyone think Iran is going to win this ultimatum? I do not. Especially not with Allawi at the helm, who is presumably approved by greater powers than Iran. This is precisely why Iran is making their last ditch, desperate attempt to gain footing... and it looks like a failed attempt from the start.
      If Iran has any success whatsoever in this attempt, we are going to see it immediately. I can't wait to see this Iranian attempt fall on it's face!
      Another example? The Budget, which was approved-but-held-and-now-this (back on track!).
      I'll be candid - Tawfik Allawi was not my "top pick" for the new PM. But, current PM Allawi does have a very solid history of butting heads with Maliki, and that's about as solid of an endorsement as anyone should need.
      We are standing by. I'm still expecting some significant reports to come of this development, and while we are watching the news feeds for it to come out - here's a discount on VIP.
      You WANT to be in VIP because when Iraq changes the value of their currency and we all go cash in - VIP here at DinarVets is going to put more cash in your pocket, help you protect those gains, and much much more.
      Join us here, and use the code "newPM" to get a 25% discount.
      I'm going to end this post here, but I'm not going far! GOOOOOO RRRRRRVVVVVV!!!!!

      - Adam
      P.S. OSI members, click here.
      P.P.S. Get in the Powerball Pool here.
      P.P.P.S. Nice work in Iowa, voters! Here's your result:

    • By Adam Montana
      Howdy DinarVets! Superbowl Sunday is upon us, but that's not why I'm here right now.
      I mentioned in this week's update that we were expecting a Prime Minister to be named
      towards the end of this week.
      Those of you who know me are well aware that I don't give predictions very often... my
      sources were strong enough on this one that I went against the usual grain and put it out there.
      Sure enough... as of yesterday, Iraq has a new Prime Minister, and the name is Allawi. I
      also weighed in that I believed it would be one of the Allawis! That's a solid 2 for 2 on
      recent predictions, thank you very much!
      I should quit while I'm ahead, but what fun is that?! I've got one more in me.

      First, who is this guy that is now Prime Minister of Iraq?
      From Wikipedia:
      Here's what I really like about this guy:
      "...both times he resigned from his position in protest against al-Maliki..."
      There is talk about protests continuing due to his appointment, but I'm leaning
      towards "fake news" on that one. It would not surprise me at all to learn that the
      "protests" being referenced are paid for by Iranian or Malikian sources. 
      I would normally avoid quoting anything published on the NYT, but there is truth to this:
      To be sure we are considering both sides of this new situation, here's another article:
      Here's what I'll note about that article:
      1. "Hundreds" of protesters - not thousands.
      2. The protesters, as stated in that article, don't have a person that they would accept.
      They are just protesting to protest at this point.
      So, what about my prediction? The one that could get me the coveted Turkey, the
      Hat Trick, the Trifecta?
      If this new PM Allawi shows immediate action on two items, we are on the fastest track
      to an RV we could hope for. Those things are simple:
      1. Something, anything, to immediately show that he is "anti-Iran". 
      2. Something, anything, to immediately show that he is anti-status-quo and anti-Maliki.
      These things are easy! And they can be accomplished this week. If he does these things,
      the protests will subside, and we are fast tracking.
      THIS WEEK, my friends! We are either going to see an RV or we are going to have a very
      solid picture of the actual "when", and I see it happening quick.
      I don't care if it's a penny, a dime, a dollar, or a full RI - we're looking at some good stuff.
      A quick note on how this investment plays out - when you are in our VIP group, you are
      guaranteed to get more in your pocket when you cash in, and more benefits. It's that simple -
      join us here:
      💰🎶 💵

      - Adam 
    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon and Happy Wednesday!
      What's going on in DinarLand? That's what we ask every week, and thanks to the amazing newshounds here at DinarVets we're able to keep up on the happenings.
      HUGE to all of our tireless members who filter and sift and read and post it all here!
      I have my personal contacts that give me a constant feed of information, but you don't need special contacts to stay up to date. The news feeds here on this site have been an incredible resource for many tens of thousands of people, and I personally want to take a minute and thank everyone here that contributes.
      So - THANKS! Shout out to the current top 4 on the leaderboard: @yota691, @DinarThug, @Butifldrm, and @Pitcher
      The big news going on right now in Iraq is the impending selection of a Prime Minister. Over the years, we have witnessed a series of Iraqi politicians that were really Iranian puppets - influenced, paid, bribed, or otherwise, but they were not looking out for Iraq. 
      As of last October, there has been a major shift in Iraq. The people protested, rioted, and demanded change. The face of their demands was simply to improve their lives, but the heart of the matter comes down to removing the Iranian factors. This is the main reason there is no Prime Minister in the place of Mahdi already. There were attempts to insert yet another Iranian talking head in the position, and then more attempts, but between the Iraqi's recent protests, and a bit of US and other outside influences, the Iranian factor is being whittled down.
      The barriers that have kept an RV from happening are being eroded, and quickly.
      I know, that's not what is in the headlines. It's not on the front pages of any MSM publication, and it's not spelled out that simply in most cases - but that's what is really going on.
      Where we are today, then, is on the cusp of some serious change. We are staring at the future, shaping itself via badly translated articles and sometimes dodgy guru explanations... but we are there, just the same.
      Looking back at how many times we've seen great news in Iraq and comparing that to the number of times we've seen an RV come of it tends to make some people negative. I would caution against too much optimism, but I will also caution against the opposite. The facts are right in front of us - we have never seen this kind of change, and it's happening on top of everything else that Iraq has accomplished.
      Will we see a new Prime Minister this week? Possibly yes! There may be one final attempt to slip in someone with Iranian backing, but that will fall on it's face, and my prediction is that the people are going to get what they want. As that happens, Iran's grip on Iraq is going to be severely weakened, and things are going to happen.
      I don't have an RV date to give you. But I do believe that towards the end of this week, we're going to have a reasonable amount of information to use in making such a prediction.
      And I also think it's going to be extremely favorable.
      Time will tell if I'm right... and there are some of you who are going to reap some amazing benefits. 
      See you in VIP  
      That's it for the midweek briefing! Be sure to get in the Weekly Powerball Pool, and 

      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Hey hey it's Wednesdayyyyy!
      It will be afternoon by the time I get this posted, so - Good Afternoon, or evening,
      wherever you may be!
      This was a strange week for me - I almost got the Weekly posted a day early! That
      turned out to be wishful thinking, as my phone ended up ringing off the hook all day
      and I just couldn't quite get to writing this up.
      Nevertheless, here we are!
      Every week here at DinarVets, a group of us enter our powerball numbers into the "Pool"
      (join us here this week). It occured to me this week, as I bought my lottery ticket, that I
      don't expect to win the lottery. I don't expect anyone else here to win it, either, but I still
      buy the tickets and enter my numbers in the Pool, because there's always a chance...
      and if we don't play, we can't win.
      The Powerball is a random chance. It's highly unlikely to land in our laps, no matter how
      long we wait. Nobody in our group is likely to win it, but we keep on plugging those
      numbers in there. There is a chance.
      My thought process on the Iraqi Dinar is much different... I fully expect to cash in on that one. 
      When I bought Iraqi dinar for the first time, I will admit that I was not nearly as knowledgeable
      about it as I am today.
      Over the years, I have continued to learn about it, educating myself and sharing that education,
      and I am more confident than ever that this will end with a good profit.
      The year 2020 continues to shape up as a GREAT year for it, too!
      Right now in particular, many of you probably noticed how the "news" sounds... none of the 
      squawk boxes are chattering about Iraq.
      Iraq was not mentioned once in my daily morning news feed... and that's just the way I like it.
      It was just a couple weeks ago that Iraq was in the spotlights, right next to Iran, but as of this 
      morning - not a peep about the middle east. At least, not in the MSM. Here on DV, we have better 
      sources and a more refined "ear" for what's going on!
      A couple of examples from the forums here:
      For example, it's looking more and more like one of the Allawi's will be appointed PM. My vote 
      would be for the one that Maliki likes the least, but I don't get a vote in that. LINK.
      There is a bit of talk about the USofA interfering, influencing, or otherwise controlling Iraq. This 
      holds some truth, such as what we see here. My opinion is that Trump may not be directly 
      responsible for Iraq's RV, but Iraq is being pushed to move away from Iran, and that is a good 
      thing. Articles like these are pretty solid evidence that Iraq wishes to stay on our good side, and all 
      that nonsense about Iraq "wanting US troops out immediately" was just that: nonsense.
      More evidence on how Iraq feels about the US:
      There's more, of course.. but that's enough for now.
      My friends, this situation is unfolding before our eyes... I have a strong feeling that the Dinar news 
      is going to get much more exciting, very soon.
      I'll be here as it happens!
      - Adam
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