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    • By Adam Montana
      Hey hey it's Wednesdayyyyy!
      It will be afternoon by the time I get this posted, so - Good Afternoon, or evening,
      wherever you may be!
      This was a strange week for me - I almost got the Weekly posted a day early! That
      turned out to be wishful thinking, as my phone ended up ringing off the hook all day
      and I just couldn't quite get to writing this up.
      Nevertheless, here we are!
      Every week here at DinarVets, a group of us enter our powerball numbers into the "Pool"
      (join us here this week). It occured to me this week, as I bought my lottery ticket, that I
      don't expect to win the lottery. I don't expect anyone else here to win it, either, but I still
      buy the tickets and enter my numbers in the Pool, because there's always a chance...
      and if we don't play, we can't win.
      The Powerball is a random chance. It's highly unlikely to land in our laps, no matter how
      long we wait. Nobody in our group is likely to win it, but we keep on plugging those
      numbers in there. There is a chance.
      My thought process on the Iraqi Dinar is much different... I fully expect to cash in on that one. 
      When I bought Iraqi dinar for the first time, I will admit that I was not nearly as knowledgeable
      about it as I am today.
      Over the years, I have continued to learn about it, educating myself and sharing that education,
      and I am more confident than ever that this will end with a good profit.
      The year 2020 continues to shape up as a GREAT year for it, too!
      Right now in particular, many of you probably noticed how the "news" sounds... none of the 
      squawk boxes are chattering about Iraq.
      Iraq was not mentioned once in my daily morning news feed... and that's just the way I like it.
      It was just a couple weeks ago that Iraq was in the spotlights, right next to Iran, but as of this 
      morning - not a peep about the middle east. At least, not in the MSM. Here on DV, we have better 
      sources and a more refined "ear" for what's going on!
      A couple of examples from the forums here:
      For example, it's looking more and more like one of the Allawi's will be appointed PM. My vote 
      would be for the one that Maliki likes the least, but I don't get a vote in that. LINK.
      There is a bit of talk about the USofA interfering, influencing, or otherwise controlling Iraq. This 
      holds some truth, such as what we see here. My opinion is that Trump may not be directly 
      responsible for Iraq's RV, but Iraq is being pushed to move away from Iran, and that is a good 
      thing. Articles like these are pretty solid evidence that Iraq wishes to stay on our good side, and all 
      that nonsense about Iraq "wanting US troops out immediately" was just that: nonsense.
      More evidence on how Iraq feels about the US:
      There's more, of course.. but that's enough for now.
      My friends, this situation is unfolding before our eyes... I have a strong feeling that the Dinar news 
      is going to get much more exciting, very soon.
      I'll be here as it happens!
      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      Hey hey Happy Thursday!
      Thank you to all who responded in this thread yesterday - the support and love that this community shows is nothing short of incredible!
      Quick update on the Iraqi Dinar for today... I'm very very interested in how things are playing out.
      It's very easy to get distracted, but we're too smart for that here at DinarVets.
      POP QUIZ TIME!!!
      Who is the Prime Minister of Iraq?
      (Insert Jeopardy music... 🎶)
      Ok, time's up. The answer is: Abdul Mahdi!
      (Did I just hear gasps and other noises of shock and awe?!)
      Yep, Abdul Mahdi. The same guy that was supposed to be replaced. Then the President of Iraq was also going to resign, and there was 15 days to resolve it all, and I believe there was some Hell and Brimstone and perhaps the stock market was about to tank with the impending WWIII... but for some reason, the only thing I've heard about on the news today is a bunch of fluff about IMPEACHMENT of the President of the United States.
      An Impeachment which, by the way, is going nowhere. It's a non-story.
      And the DOW is over 29,000 are you laughing at all of this with me yet?!
      I don't know what bugs you more - fake news, or non-news - but this has the marks of both at the same time!
      It does not actually annoy me, of course. I let it go in one ear and out the other, as I'm digging through the news for what REALLY matters.
      Despite the news being clogged up with all the non-news and fake-news headlines, there is actually a lot going on that we should be aware of.
      For example:
      The budget isn't a huge deal to me, but the "devil is in the details, as they say.
      Check out this follow up from @DinarThug - Mahdi, who should have been replaced by now, is not looking like a PM that is on the way out! As a matter of fact... it looks to me like the whole resignation thing is almost blown over and forgotten.
      Maybe that was the plan from the beginning, or maybe it just worked out that way, but I stated back in November that I like Mahdi in his role. If he does indeed end up staying - and continues to actually govern, as he's doing in the article I linked to above - he's still a good person for that role, very capable of orchestrating the situation we need for a successful RV. 
      We aren't in WWIII.
      Bitcoin is back over $8600. (Super interesting article here.)
      The DOW is over 29,000.
      All good stuff, my friends... closer and closer we inch, every single day!
      That's it for me right now - more to come later.
      - Adam 
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning and happy Wednesday, to all in Dinarland and everywhere!
      What an end to 2019, and what a start to 2020!
      2019 ended in Iraq with a flurry of activity. The Prime Minister resigned, the Iraqi President threatened to do the same. There were major protests, huge shifts in the landscape, and a lot of uncertainty. There is so much news and activity right now that it's almost impossible to keep up!
      This is exactly the type of situation where big things happen, but the world is so busy watching the "news" that it just slips under the radar.
      The uncertainty continues with the current situation regarding Iraq, largely because of the situation with their neighbor Iran. I'll give my opinions on the situation, but this is a fluid situation - things change fast. Also, some of these are my personal opinions - you don't have to like them, or agree with them. You are entitled to your wrong opinion.  
      Like it or not, the United States just influenced the timing and chances of a near future revalue on the Iraqi currency... but I don't believe the current events have altered the destination at all.
      In fact, the attack on Iranian terrorist Suleimani - justified or not - is likely in favor of a quicker path to an RV.
      I said that the protests would take about 6 weeks to wrap up. I was a little short on the timeline, but not much - and they did wrap up.
      This situation is a continuation, and very similar - it is going to be a bumpy ride, but it won't last forever. When it's over, I believe we will be in a far more favorable position to see the Iraqi currency skyrocket.
      Yes, I said that word:
      The recent protests in Iraq, which started officially at the beginning of October, were largely instigated by the people of Iraq being fed up with the Government of Iraq's then current progress, which was largely influenced by Iran. The "read-between-the-lines" message was pretty simple:
      "Get Iran out of our country and do something good for us!"
      Iraq has made official announcements that they want all foreign troops out. The announcement is non-binding for the United States, and there is talk this morning that sanctions may be imposed on Iraq if they don't cooperate with our goal of controlling the Iranian terror machine.
      Yes, I that too: The Iranian terror machine.

      War isn't something that anyone should take lightly. The political rhetoric surrounding any serious situation, on the other hand... I tend to laugh that stuff off. For example, the idea that Trump should have gotten approval from Congress prior to sending Soleimani to meet his virgins... are you kidding me?! I suppose he should have followed that with a press conference announcing the attack in advance, and then apologize with a planeload of cash.

      Anyway... we are indeed in the middle of a very tense and hectic time. I'm sure we are going to see all kinds of Chicken Little Syndrome (I'm calling it "CLS" from now on), we're going to have questions and self doubt and panic... buckle up, hang tight, and be ready.
      Kind of like what I'm doing, preparing for the comments I'm sure I'll get in response to this Weekly.
      On another note... my football team is in the playoffs. And Tom Brady isn't.

      GOOO RRRVVVV!!!!!
      - Adam
      P.S. Are you in the weekly Powerball pool?
      P.P.S. For anyone suffering from CLS, here's some medication:

    • By Adam Montana
      Good day and happy 27th of December, friends!
      Iraq is taking the end of 2019 serious, in case you hadn't noticed!
      There's a lot of chatter on the webs about the various news, and it's worth discussing!
      First, the recent history:
      Beginning of October 2019, the people of Iraq began protesting. And when I say "protesting", I mean riots, people dead, "we're not going to take it" level of protesting.
      The most recent Prime Minister quit, and his successor needed to be named in a short period of time.
      Parliament made it known that the voices of the people were heard, they know they can't just stick another puppet up there and expect things to be okay again. Of course, we all know that whomever is put in that spot is going to be a puppet, so I should say they know they are going to need a much more acceptable puppet, with a new song and dance.
      Last week, several options were considered, and they ended up with a completely unacceptable candidate: The current governor of Basra, Asaad Al-Eidani.
      *Sigh*... as if that was going to go well!
      Now, the President of Iraq Barham Saleh has stated that HE will also resign over the reaction to this nomination!
      This takes us to the current situation.
      My take on it - the President put up the candidate (Eidani) under pressure from Iran and other influences, but he knew that wasn't going to fly. It didn't, and now he's threatening to walk if the GOI doesn't get serious about listening to the people.
      Bottom line... the people are going to win this one.
      There WILL be a massive change in Iraq, and it's happening.
      Right now.

      Overall, I'm very happy with the situation. I'd be happier if we were a little further along and we had an RV, but obviously these things take time.
      The next 48 hours will give us more, as stated in one of the quotes below.
      Oh! The quotes below - I pulled these from some articles posted by @DinarThug in response to the thread "Iraq deadline to appoint new PM looms" - hat tip to you, sir! Excellent work.

      Read below and piece it together! And... we wait. But not too long, the way things are moving right now.
      Goooo RRRVVVV!!!!
      - Adam 
    • By Adam Montana
      Hey hey all!
      I tagged this post as a "Weekly" even though there have been more than one "Weekly" lately, and even though it's a holiday week... there is probably going to be more than one this week as well.
      In the last update, I talked a bit about the upcoming change in leadership in Iraq. I'll recap, because it's important and even fun at this point with the solid stream of good news flying our way!
      Back in early October 2019, the people of Iraq finally had enough. If you were a member of that group, you'd probably feel the same way! Especially knowing as we do that your country is capable of increasing your spending power in a major way, and the only thing keeping you impoverished was a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats stealing your money...
      ... following those protests, or during them, the most recent Prime Minister (Mahdi) resigned.
      By law, there was a period of time to appoint the next leader. What is being said over and over, in many different ways, is that it is well known by all involved in the process of appointing the next Prime Minister that it must be a candidate who will be accepted by all political parties, and also the people.
      In fact, "most importantly, the people."
      This puts a very bright light not only on who they appoint, but also what happens in the very near future.
      I know I'm not the only one who sees this!
      The people of Iraq have forced a change in the government, because they were not happy with what was going on.
      And unless the next person gives them something good, and fast, they will be rioting again.
      I also mentioned in my last update that things should be happening fairly quickly. That update was a mere 5 days ago, and instead of the usual weeks or months of delays, we are seeing a different Iraq.
      I'm just going to snag a bunch of excerpts from a hot thread:
      This from an interview with Baghdad Today referring to President Barham Salih:
      The following of Tawfik Allawi:
      Allawi is reported, among other things, to have not liked Maliki:
      And Allawi himself says this:
      He says this knowing full well that if he doesn't appease the people, he will be next on the chopping block.
      He says this knowing that if he doesn't make the people happy - they will be rioting again.
      It really appears that the people are pushing the cart now, instead of being led like sheep.
      The people aren't going to wait long. They want change, and they want it fast.
      I'll gladly take that change, regardless of who brings it... and it's looking pretty obvious that someone is going to have to bring it. Or else.

      Today or tomorrow we should have an announcement on who is going to take the responsibility for that change... it may be a surprisingly great Christmas after all!
      ================ / / ===============
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      And, of course, Merry Christmas.
      - Adam 
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