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      Iraq confirms the re-opening of the Trebil border crossing soon .. and Jordan denies
      By Omar Al Mansouri two hours ago Iraqi - Jordanian border - the AFP Roudao - Erbil 

      announced member of the Anbar provincial council, Hamid Ahmed Hashem, that this is not the time for re - opening of the land crossing between Iraq and Jordan.

      He spoke Hashem, network Roudao media, saying that "the moment is not suitable for re - opening of the Trebil border crossing with Jordan for failing to secure the road international express which is controlled by some of the armed groups. " 

       he added that" Anbar Provincial Council is currently considering two offers from two US companies to take over securing the international highway link between Baghdad and the Jordanian border tasks. " Saying that "if the international line we will work to secure the reopening of the Trebil border crossing with Jordan 's side."
      He said that " the Trebil border crossing will work on the recovery of theIraqi economy dramatically and the Jordanian side is looking forward to the return of Trebil to work again." 

      In the same context , said the economist, Hammam Chandler, the Trebil border crossing is one of the important choices for the recovery of overall Iraqi economy and Anbar province in particular , . 

      he spoke Chandler Roudao saying that "Trebil border crossing is of great economic importance for Iraq because it is the only port overlooking the trade with East Asian countries." 

      as explained by saying: the Kurdistan region will witness a remarkable recovery in the event of benefit from the Trebil border crossing because that will reduce reliance on trade across the perpetrators of Turkey, Iran and facilitate transit trade of the East Asian countries. 

      the General Company for travelers and delegations in the ministry director Abdullah and coffee, had confirmed on Monday determined to re - conduct of the company 's buses on the road , " the Baghdad -Amman" fast, through the crossing after locked by security forces , referring to the ministry 's coordination with the Jordanian side in this regard. 

      Laibi explained that the opening of this line will contribute to increasing commercial traffic and economic returns to the country, adding that the company is working to adopt a well thought out plans for the advancement of financial reality and create new revenue contributed by turning it from losing to winning. 

      it was Trebil border crossing Indeed western Anbar province, which offset Ruwaished crossing on the Jordanian side, was closed and more than once, since the invasion of the organization "Daesh" vast areas stretched from northern Iraq and even the west in 2014.
      For his part , Jordanian government source said the country did not officially inform the Iraqi side a specific date for the opening of Trebil crossing. 

      He explained that the crossing from the Jordanian side is ready to re -opening, especially since Jordan conducted more than willing previously to its opening, but the security conditions in the Iraqi side was postponed opening always. " 

      he said that" trucks and vehicles of Jordan will not cross the border post between the two countries at the beginning, for security reasons, especially since Jordan 's property is considered a target for organizing Daesh terrorist. " 

      he pointed out that Jordan would accept the unloading of goods in the no man 's land between the two countries, then the Iraqi trucks return loading and transport to the various governorates of Iraq. 

      the Iraq closed Trebil crossing fully in July last year, which led to the suspension of trade exchange between the two countries. 

      and saw the Jordanian exports to Iraq a significant decline over the past year amounted to 40%, reaching $ 695 million in 2015, while it was $ 1.2 billion in 2014.
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