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From the White House to the media .. Learn about the post of former US President "Obama"

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From the White House to the media .. Learn about the post of former US President "Obama"

By ahad7 View Profile Articles 17/06/2019 02:24 AM | Number of readings: 761

From the White House to the media .. Learn about the post of former US President "Obama"


Al-Ahed News - Baghdad

Soon we will hear the voice of former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michele on Spotify), The music and audio broadcasting service, after signing last Thursday a partnership for several years to produce an exclusive series of audio posts.

The contract was announced by the couple on Twitter, with Sputify and High Ground) Owned by Obama and Michel, in a joint statement.

The pair will prepare and produce their own voice posts, which will be distributed globally, which will make the couple who did not stop the production offers much more likely to be humiliated after agreeing with Netflix) In 2018, for the production of exclusive documentaries, and Michelle's book which is still the most read.

For Voices are ignored

Obama said in his statement that his posts would be an extraordinary opportunity to promote fruitful dialogue, draw smiles on faces, and push people to think. While the former First Lady said her posts would follow the tone of voices that were often ignored or silenced.

The statement did not say in detail the specific topics covered by the sound material, or when it will become ready to allow this mass production, but the company commented that it works with "two of the most important voices in the world," and that another American political family is moving towards media production, A week ago held talks between former US Democratic candidate Hillarious Clinton and her daughter Chelsea to form a company to produce films and television programs, which are interested in creating content for women, and for them.

Clinton's new way of returning to politics may be more insistent on the success of the next election, after media appearances were the path of her husband, Bill Clinton, to win the US election, when he appeared wearing sunglasses and playing saxophone, creating a warm personal image of him The audience, which paved the way for the reality TV star Donald Trump to the presidential palace, continued to appear on the screen 30 years ago, producing and presenting five television programs, the most important of which was The Abrantes, in which he appeared as a man who ordered, Right and done To the right, making many believe that the reason for his success in the elections.

How did Sputify succeed in making a deal with Obama?

In an increasingly competitive industry, the ability to provide detailed insights into content creators is a valuable tool, which Sputify does, and in a short period of time has become the most intimate music application, although it relies on sound only.

The Swedish music service, which was quickly able to enter into fierce competition with Apple, Amazon and Google, especially after it began selling its shares in New York overwhelmingly, according to Reuters news agency.

The number of subscribers who pay for the distinctive service of the first 100 million in 65 countries, the company announced its results for the first three months of this year, the total number of active users per month rose by 26% from the previous year, to 217 million users, Revenues for the first quarter to 1511 million euros, up 33% over the previous year.

This was done in just ten years since the launch of the service, which not only sought to provide music and artists, but to create a better legal alternative to piracy, helps compensate artists somewhat for their actions.

She is interested in buying international stars such as Rihanna and Ed Shireen. She is interested in politics, science, film, language teaching, literature, and CVs.

From presidential speeches to entertainment

What Obama and Michelle have done is the desire of high-level politicians to continue to move the political debate, allowing them - even those who have quit - to reach millions on their phones directly; despite conference centers and leaders' meetings, media remains the most effective alternative, Appeared in the media, despite the absence of news reports for years.

According to media columnist Matt Ford in the Guardian, the shift of politicians to entertainment pioneers by presenting programs, movies and writing daily articles was not new or unique to Obama's most important, though important.

For example, Ed Milband, the British politician and former Labor leader from 2010 to 2015, and NK Kellough, the British Deputy Prime Minister since May 2010, and the leader of the Liberal Democrats since December 2007; the best politicians who took the step to take media action in their programs , Which many believe in their impact on Obama's decision to re-engage political action with different tools.

Companies such as Netflix and Sputify know how to exploit the growing political passion of recent years, the desire to get political information, the more understanding of the future of a country like America with the Donald Trump administration, and the future of Britain with the disengagement plans. Is to make creative efforts to market their political ideas after they left the presidential palaces.

Netflix's moves to promote political content come almost two months after the company announced that former National Security Adviser Susan Rice and the US ambassador had joined her board, triggering a conservative attack on Obama's move to join the left.

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