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Great 11 minute video showing how the pharmaceutical companies have lied for decades about the benefit of vaccines.  Let's hope that since Baron Trump has autism, that his father is aware of this dangerous scam.  This is a great video to share with others who still think vaccines are a good thing.


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Way back when you got the Polio Vaccine on a Sugar Cube and some funny dose of everything else from and Airgun (left a funny round scar and most people) was the only time I was vaccinated with anything......Never had the Measles, Mumps, Chickenpox, Polio.....


Sure the Cold and Flu but that is and was a fact of life......even when you played in mud, raised worms to go fishing or live in a bubble....Chances are you are going to get sick.


Fast forward so 50 plus year and never a Flu shot and Swine Flu is killing people right and left.....I figure that was what I somehow had all of the sudden. couldn't eat or drink, slept on the floor just out side the bathroom......Spent a lot of time in the bathroom.


Kept getting weaker and weaker and lost a lot of weight....I had never been so sick and I knew I was going to die right there on the floor.


Then all of the sudden after 2 weeks I felt better, i could eat a little, drink water and keep it down and after about a month I was feeling great again.


Since then I can't catch a Cold if I chased one down. I can hang out with sick people and nothing where the GF hangin with the some people is sick for a week 2 days later.....


I ain't letting no one stick me with no damn needle.



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