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Mario Lavezzi - Professore (Professor)

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Look at it, Professor, how blond that is...

This starry night disappearing into the dark

Look at it as it runs away

just the same as you look at that woman friend of mine

I know way back when you made a killing with the ladies

I'm not calling you "Professor" for nothing

Tell me Professor about the Silence

about the blue countryside, tell me about the absinth ( hallucinogeous
plant and drink used in the beginning of the 20th century)

tell me about those months where you were locked up in the mountains
with your black basque as if it were Spain again ( talks about the
civil war between supporters of fascist dictator Franco and
Republicans coming from all over the world to help spanish people to
re-gain freedom.. Franco won that time sadly.. around 1935-36)

Just light up a fire..... when it comes to this you're the Best
 also for this I call you "Professor"

Explain to me, Professor about a woman

who knows you just like this flame

they say you haven't forgotten her

she then went away but never got married anyway

And from that day on you got your heart knitted up

Also for this I call you "Professor"

But do not talk about me

The emptiness you feel  exists

 it's not to be told

We got stolen everything

and what did  you do?

In your home you'd keep giving milk to your cat

I too will have the right to be the worst

Please will you excuse me, "Professor"

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    • By umbertino
      1.Allegro (00:00)
      2.Adagio (Shadows 02:18)
      3.Cadenza - Andante Con Moto (07:12)
      4.Shadows (Tribute to Jimi Hendrix 11:25)
      5.Nella Sala Vuota (Live Improvisation 16:54)
    • By umbertino
      Italian Band ( from Napoli/Naples, Campania Region) specialized in performing very old music and songs of the Naples tradition dating back to  1600 / 1700/ 1800 / 1900   using old instruments
      The Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare  was formed in 1970 with the aim of promoting the traditions of the people of Campania (the Southern Italian region of which Naples is the capital).The extraordinary success encountered at the Spoleto Festival in 1972 and 1974 marks their launch onto the international stage. Since then the NCCP frequently participated in all the most important festivals both within and outside Europe.
      The group has alternated its musical activities with theatre productions, promoting and participating in several shows.     umb's note: Saw them in concert like 35 years ago.......Very special  
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      Saw him in 1981....Great concert ( with percussionist Toni Esposito,  sax player James Senese of  band "Napoli Centrale" plus other good musicians... RIP Rino Zurzolo - bass)
      say I'm staying here
      II get drunk and what can I do
      head is spinning but I want to talk'
      I say I'm staying here
       sadness goes away
       wine goes down but then it will end
      I will move
      Touching what I do not have
      I will smileГІ
      Weeping perhaps a bit '
      But I do all by myself
       and I get drunk so that I won't see
      But I know that I'll make mistakes
      I feel at war  and the rest I do not know.

      I say I'm staying here
       fear goes away
      And if I get asleep on the floor do not wake me up
      I say I'm staying here
      sometimes it needs to be done
      for all the confusion  that goes on here

       I'll move etc.
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      Italian musician (real name : Mario Battaini-RIP)....He plays all instruments  here
       Track became rather successful in Europe at the end of the 60's / beginning of 70's
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      Mind, heart, hands, eyes, arms, mouth, legs, name
      There is always time to sing, the sky, the water, a body, all
      Then you can go wherever you want,
      then you can be as you wish,
      Then you can be with whomever you want,
      then you can take it or leave it
      then you can choose to give.
      Bread, sound, air
      voices, friends, stuff, making love
      There is always time to sing, you, the stars, the smoke, everything.
      Then you can go wherever you want,
      then you can be as you wish,
      then you can be with whomever you want,
      then you can take it or leave it,
      then you can choose to give.
      om hari om ...
      Saw him in concert in 1973....Very good, intense, special atmosphere....RIP....Thanks Claudio.....

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