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911 if you have a iPronetwork back office & coins

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Hi everyone I'm sending you this email to inform you that iProNetwork is removing the MLM completely  from the ProCurrency coin, they want everyone who has ProRewards coins in their back office to move them to their own Pro Wallets by May 5th or lose them, but don't worry all other developments with Ecommerce shopping , the Auto Mall , and  the New Exchange Pro Wallet app , Merchant Services , Etrader  are still in full swing. Our Government is applying well needed regulations on all Cryptocurrency to make them safe and stable. 96% of all Cryptocurrency's are failing in there ability to implement their original white page design. We are in the top 4% with great progress in motion for 2018! 
Here are the instructions for getting your coins:

Download wallet:

Download android phone wallet
go to your Google play store in the search bar type in COPROC download mobile wallet! Sorry we don't have a wallet for Apple phones yet.

How to install wallet:

How to send from ipronetwork to wallet

How to backup your wallet:

Remember if you have multiple accounts that need to be consolidated into a single wallet, you can simply create multiple addresses in the receive area of the wallet.

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