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Challenges of economic reform at the expert table

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Challenges of economic reform at the expert table



24/4/2018 12:00 am 

In a conference of academics and 
engineers Baghdad / Hussein Thugb 

When the determinants of evolution are on the table of experts, access to effective treatments is easy. Solutions are presented through experiences that combine the theoretical aspects with the actual work field, leading to a qualitative output that contributes to a better life.

The scientific conference, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, tackled the challenges facing the reform process in a country that seeks to advance after wiping out the dust of the war to lead the country to reconstruction and construction. Challenges and Reform Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education Salam Khoshna stressed "the importance of standing up to the challenges and reform that we seek, and stress the need for public institutions to provide the appropriate environment for the advancement of social and economic joints." He called for the formation of a Higher Council for Education in Iraq, which will outline all stages of comprehensive reform, and the importance of this conference in the development stages. "He pointed out that" education is capable of building a basic building block on which to build " the importance of reviewing and modifying legislation in force. "  integrating

Dean of the Faculty of Mansur University, Dr. Abdul Rasool Abdul Jassim said: "The country is in need of the consolidation of the relationship between the effort and the academic and field, with the aim of achieving integration benefits to Iraq, which has declined its economy over the past decades a lot." 
Jassim stressed that "human resources need to prepare for a new stage is the direction towards work and reconstruction, which requires all disciplines without exception, which requires us to enhance the educational capabilities and be our outputs at the level that requires the volume of work in Iraq." Global Developments International Financial Sector Expert "The globalization of Islamic financial services and the development of Islamic contracts should be developed in line with developments taking place at an accelerated pace," he said.

"The importance of focusing on the governance of Islamic banking work to support economic reform through the provision of advanced products, especially after the issuance of a guide to corporate governance of banks by the Central Bank of Iraq, which is characterized by the existence of bilateral governance resulting from the existence of two different boards, namely the Board of Directors to monitor the administrative side of the bank, And the Shari'ah Supervisory Board to monitor the compatibility of banking operations with Islamic Shari'ah. The guidelines for the management of institutions that are limited to Islamic financial services issued by the Islamic Financial Services Council. "
The academic d. Mourad Saeb Mahmoud said: "The private sector has become an important pillar of the economy and development in the countries seeking to develop and provide the public sector with the provision of services to the community, where partnership contracts are one of the most important methods used by the administration in the implementation of development projects and services, An agreement between the administration represented by the public sector and private sector companies to participate in the establishment and implementation or management of service projects and infrastructure projects. He pointed out that "this type of contract is characterized by hybrids in terms of the extent of considering them as private contracts or administrative contracts on the one hand and the nature common to them on the other." International standards

In his study, the expert on economic affairs, Mohammed Kassem, discussed the application of international standards for financial reporting in Iraqi private banks after the adoption of the international standards for the preparation of interim financial reports for Iraqi private banks, increasing or rising after adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards. 
"The research reached several recommendations, the most important of which was the need to increase the focus on accountability in all directions related to IFRSs to take advantage of all opportunities that may arise," he said.

Economic Specialist Ahmed Wajih addressed the reform of the accounting system of banks as the real supporter of the Iraqi economy through the application of international accounting standards and compliance. The International Accounting Standard No. (30) the role of Barzergam the importance of all criteria to reform the accounting system of banks as a specialist in the organization of banking operations, Of the Iraqi banks to be the basis for choosing the extent of its commitment to apply that standard.

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