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    • By Butifldrm
      A high-level banking delegation discusses the reality of banking challenges   A part of the banking delegation. "Economy News"     Banks

      Economy News Erbil
      During a visit to the branch of the Central Bank of Iraq in the Kurdistan region, a high-level banking delegation discussed on Thursday the most important challenges that hinder banking performance and curtail its role in achieving development and supporting projects.
      The delegation was headed by the President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Handal, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erbil Bank and a team of the Association of Banks in the region.
      The delegation held upon arrival an important meeting with the Director General of the Central Bank in the region and the presence of the Central Bank of Iraq adviser and a number of senior officials.
      The meeting decided to address the decision of the Tax Authority in the region, which ordered the closure of one of the branches of the Bank of Erbil in contravention of customs and laws under the pretext of non-payment of taxes the bank owed to the Commission.
      In turn, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erbil Bank presented the evidentiary receipts for tax accounting.
      The participants appealed to the Government of the Territory through the Minister of Finance to lift the injustice from the Bank of Erbil and to the detriment of the reputation of private banks.
      The meeting stressed that the issue of settling the problem of double taxes has been resolved between the region and the Center and that the Banking Law requires coordination with the Central Bank before taking any action towards banks.
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    • By yota691
      A high-ranking government delegation from Baghdad is visiting Erbil and this is the most prominent of its files
      Political | 09:14 - 25/07/2019
      Baghdad - Mawazin News 
      A high-level government delegation from Baghdad visited the Kurdistan region to discuss several issues, most notably Irradat al-Nof. 
      An informed source told Mawazine News that a government delegation from Baghdad arrived late last night in Erbil, noting that the vood will consist of finance ministers Fuad Hussein, Oil Thamer Ghadhban, National Security Adviser, Fayyad and Abu Jihad al-Hashemi. " 
      The source added that "the visit comes to agree on the resolution of a number of issues, including the delivery of oil revenues of 250 thousand barrels." Ended 29 / a 43

    • By yota691
      Interpol informs Kurdistan that the handover of Najmuddin will be to Baghdad, not to Arbil
      Political | 12:28 - 22/05/2019
            BAGHDAD - 
      An Iraqi source in Beirut revealed on Wednesday the repercussions of the arrest of Najmuddin Karim, the former governor of Kirkuk, pointing out that Interpol told Kurdistan that the handover of Najmuddin would be to Baghdad, not to Arbil. 
      The source said, according to "RT", "contacts are conducted by the federal judiciary in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region of Iraq to receive Karim, who was arrested yesterday at Beirut airport, and there are differences between Baghdad and Erbil on the matter, but Interpol confirmed that the detainee will not be handed over to the federal judiciary" . 
      He added that "INTERPOL informed the Iraqi Kurdistan authorities that the arrest was based on a memorandum issued by the federal government and not from Kurdistan, so the extradition process will not be for Erbil." 
      He pointed out, "the existence of intensive contacts between Iraqi political leaders and officials in Lebanon for his release," noting that "Karim position in the area of Badaro."
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