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In February 2005 I bought my first million of dinar in Ba' quaba, Iraq. In March 2005 I bought some more and forgot about it. Came home and worked till 2010 and got laid-off,  I couldn't find a job anywhere for about 6 months and out of the blue around Christmas 2010 my sister calls ( I was about to lose everything) and asks, "hey don't you have some of that Iraqi money, and I said yea I got a little and she said well their going to RV it or something,  so I said thanks and got on the Internet! Man was I excited! Every dinar site I checked said by first of the year I'm going to be set! I watched on an hourly basis, ALL THE TIME! I had totally forgotten about my dinar,  I was going to be saved, the rubber bands holding it together were dry rotted it had been stashed so long. Well after about 3 weeks of watching every hour, I got curious and looked into some of these dinar sites historical posts and found since about 2005 + just about every week some one was saying this IS THE WEEKEND! MONDAY WE WILL ALL BE RICH! Man, what a let down! As we all know it still ain't happened, I ended up back in Iraq working at the end of Jan 2011 so I didn't lose everything thank God. Most working Iraqis are just worried about providing for their families and not thinking about their money. Everyone of the young to middle-aged Iraqi engineers that worked me had NO CONCERN with their money they just wanted more just like everyone else. When I'd hear about the marching and celebrations in the streets of Baghdad,  I'd skype my friend in Baghdad and he would laugh. So, EVERYONE if it is meant to be or not meant to be, have fun enjoy life and remember God loves you and if that don't work I've got some great stories I can tell you about Iraq.

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