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The Nadita Fiasco - What Did We Learn, If Anything


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It was sad watching the complete collapse of a respected DV contributor in Nadita.  When I read her bank story, I was shocked.  Bank stories have all been 100% wrong over the years.  No banks have given special cash-in rates, shucks, they don't even give anything for dinar!  So when I read Nadita's bank story I was shocked.  I knew it was baloney, because that is simply not how its done in the real world of finance, but this was Nadita!  What was even more surprising was the instant following of DV members who believed her story and wanted a cash-out also.  It didn't matter that the CBI was still pinging 1166 to 1 and therefore what she was saying was IMPOSSIBLE!  They still followed the pied piper over the cliff until Adam had enough of her baloney.  People, use your brains before writing down your bank acct. numbers and giving them to an internet stranger just because you "trust" her.  She could be a "he" for all you know.  Hey, this is just a practice run compared to what's coming when the CBI announces a redenomination and EVERYONE has to exchange their dinars.  Now there's a train wreck !   Just my opinion of course.

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