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The Road to WWIII


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Can anyone point to a time in the last 120 years that things looked rosey?  Other than maybe the early 1990's when we had a surplus from the Cold War dividend. 


I'm not into doom and gloom.  The average person almost anywhere on the globe is much better today than at any point in history. 


You have access to the largest libary in the world at your fingertips, it's called the internet. Very few people in the developed world die of diseases that they don't bring upon themselves (due to over eating, drinking or smoking).  You can fly to the otherside of the world in less than a day.  Most of us have clean water to drink.


In short, if you are reading this, you won the lotto of life.  Stop worrying about War III.  Go out side and take a walk,


Really, the World is a GREAT place if you only get out into it!

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