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Question About $1.49 reval

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Can someone please direct me to any source that would tell me which 4 currency exchanges were listing the IQD at $1.49? If I am listing this in the wrong section or doing something improperly please forgive me ... it's just that I'm sure that it had to be listed in news somewhere. Can anyone direct me to that thread or just tell me which four exchanges? Yes, I understand that it was sometime back ... here's the post:

On to the $1.49 Dinar RV rumor…

So – what’s up with the $1.49 Iraqi Dinar RV?

A couple nights ago, many of our phones began ringing – off the hook. Mine rang so much I eventually changed my voicemail to state my answers and I turned it off. The next morning, my voicemail was full, and everyone wanted the same answers – IS IT TRUE?!

To date, we still don’t know exactly why more than 4 currency exchange and information sites were showing a rate of $1.49 USD for every one Iraqi Dinar. Everyone has an opinion, and my official statement is this – the dinar exchange rate was a result of simple human error.

But why did it show up on FOUR major sites?!

Again, just the name of the exchanges (websites would be a bonus) is what I am looking for ... I don't need bashing if I've erred here ... guidance along with the answer would be appreciated.


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I saw it myself on "Worldmate" an iphone app/converter. Apparently the word is that some European converters released this information without permission and it was a mishap. This had NOTHING to do with rumor pumpers!!!!!! Trust me, I wish everyone would quit buying, maybe it would prompt Iraq to do the right thing. It did happen and it was very exciting.

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