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The hype that is CONSTANTLY recurring is, "ALL IS READY. . .EVERYTHING IS DONE. . .WE ARE IN A GOOD POSITION" etc. etc. etc.

Here is an EXAMPLE what we need to CAREFULLY watch and NOT accept just because it is on Dinar Recaps:


Dinadave7)] good morning all...just a quick note before I go...we are being told that all is done and we should be hearing some kind of announcement today on the cashin proceedures banks will be impemeting.


WHO is Dinadave?? And WHO is doing this TELLING???

We are being told?????

Now is NOT the time to IGNORE all the painful experiences everybody here have gone through over the past 3-months of UNDOCUMENTED, UNSUPPORTED, UNDISCLOSED and UNTRUE claims and statements like this. We have waded through garbage which was supposedly from intel sources "SO HIGH THEY ARE ABOVE THE CLOUDS."

Now is the time for wise Dinarholders who have all had their feet already burned by Make-it-up Rumor Mongers, to laugh-down any more of these undocumented claims simply because they are said to be RUMOR! They are no more "RUMORS" than when con-men claim the world will end this year when the Aztec calendar runs out and then sell you "END-of-the-World-Insurance."

Any more, "WE ARE BEING TOLD" rumors without disclosure of WHO is doing the telling and some basis for them to be qualified to do such TELLING more than Elmer Fudd will only result in further pain. If these rumor-mongers were treated like the customers at a, 1800's Chinese laundry. . .the fairy tales would cease.


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I have always believed that the OOM network of "gurus" was really no more than 2 or 3 actual people. If you look at the common terminology, common misspellings, common broken English, etc.. its not hard to see that the stuff supposedly being written by 8 or 10 different people is most likely in reality 2 or 3 people. Dinadave7 is just another screen name for one of them.

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