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Is the Dollar going to crash?


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It must. The economy is built like a pyramid scheme and cannot sustain itself. It is built on the premise of infinite growth, and we cannot continue to grow, we are overpopulated and fast running out of resources with no new booms on the horizon.

Had our economy been administered correctly we might not be in this bad of trouble, but the Federal Reserve and banker mafia made it so they are the only ones that will profit, leaving us to our individual fates.

The conspiracy prophets and doom and gloomers saw this coming back in 2007-2008 and reported it to the alternative media, without much acceptance from the general population.


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Absolutely no doubt. 15.4 trillion in debt and growing with no solution in sight. 99.4 trillion in unfunded liabilities and growing with no solution in sight. stock market propped with a bubble and mass corruption thoughout the banks. Yep, wont be long until the big herd is led of the cliff.

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