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  1. Someone please correct me if I am wrong ( i want this RV as well) but why would something like this be preannounced? Doesn't this make it easy for the speculators to cash in at the last moment and create a situation that Iraq cannot feasibly financially handle? It also entices us to perhaps buy more without knowing the exact rv rate (unless it truly is a lop, which none of us want. Seems a bit confusing after 7 years of dealing with this stuff.
  2. i think med and mailman are the same person
  3. This type of posting is just stupid and should not be continued--just one more way to trap newbies into this mess.
  4. Current Time has one page article on world currencies--not one word (or two or three) on the Iraqi dinar. I guess it is a big secret or a big scam. Would like to know what one of the currency traders thinks about our investment.
  5. ok I get a -4 for speaking out (I do not have that much dinar) and fmcc gets a positive for an answer that does not make sense but sounds good. That is the problem there is too much kool-aid being drunk here. will be interesting to see further comments today since nothing happened.
  6. What this and the "sorry" post indicate is that we are all screwed with this investment--more "deadlines" that sound so good in our minds planted there by pumpers will come and go and they dealers are the ones making out like bandits in this whole scheme. Iraq will not make garbabe collectors in Tikrit rich and they will not make us rich either--chalk up another life lesson.
  7. According to WSJ online edition lots of bombing activity recently in Iraq. Amazing how this continues to go on and unfortunately for those people probably will continue. Obviously we are awaiting on the RV sooner than later according to most "gurus" and selected others, most saying anywhere from today until late October. What if not then???? What will be the next negative news that could postpone this RV thing until next year??? Do not say "no way" because remember who we are dealing with and how long this has been going on with similar delays, although it seems to make more sense currently with more positive developments. Just some thoughts for discussion.
  8. There is a difference between a rumor and an outright lie just for the purpose of laughs or getting peoples hopes up.
  9. I fully realize this is the rumor section but this is garbage. DD has this post too. Wall Street Journal online edition has nothing regarding this. At least a rumor should have some basis or something but this is becoming just stupid. Perhaps this investment was one too as long as this has been going on. JMO and frustrated. It seems like anything just made up can get posted. I believe this just lessens whatever credibility is present.
  10. franmike

    Med Gone

    What site was his own?
  11. franmike

    Med Gone

    Just read where Med is no longer going to be on DD. What does that mean for this site? Do not know any histories or ownerships so I apologize if I am missing something. Thanks for replies with meaningful comments. I enjoyed reading his posts as he seemed to make sense, more so than many of the other "gurus".
  12. ok what is this post really saying--very tough to read--why post these if just gibberish?
  13. Well another Monday has come and gone and all the "gurus" who were picking this weekend are wrong AGAIN!! Another delay in the Iraqi political process--wow who would have thought?? This whole investment does seem to make some economic sense and there is some history on our side, BUT anyone who would invest anything in this country after this does RV should really think twice, no three times. What a way to run a country--WHEW. I am not a vet but in my thinking I would donate 10% of my "gain" to charity and included in that would be some % to a reputable vets group to help them or their families for what they have had to go through over there. Any suggestions where?? Group should have financials that show a high % acttually goes to where it is intended and not just admistrative overhead. Thanks and I hope this RV thing happens soon
  14. ok why is it not true? thanks for your reply Please do not say something without backing it up
  15. For what it is worth I agree we need to see the lower denom scans that were "promised" soon. To say that and then be silent on that issue raises my suspicions no matter who first said that "proof was on the way" even from Chief who then should say why no scans yet!!! This is not to bash but either "put up or shut up" about this I sincerely hope this is not another pumer scheme just like so many we have seen. With all the following AM has, we need more than "hearing" about lower denoms. Thanks and look forward to discussions on this otherwise slow dinar news day AGAIN...........UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
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