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  1. IYO, do you think if I dress up like Sadaam and sneak into Maliki's house at night and scare the crap out of him..... do you think that would speed up the RV? I could tell him to speed up the RV process or I'll haunt him forever. lol Just a suggestion. Thanks
  2. This is from 2010 guys / gals lol
  3. Customers, As some of you may already be aware, Dinar Trade Inc has gone through some major changes. Two months ago, we were notified by the FBI that our family was in extreme danger, the details of which I am not going to disclose for privacy reasons. Once the ordeal was resolved, we came to an extremely difficult decision. After seven years in the currency business our company, Dinar Trade, has decided to take a temporary leave from the market. This decision was not made lightly. However, after enduring the stress and hardship of this type of ordeal, we were left with no choice: the safety
  4. Nice Job ADAM!!!! Mention the word LOP and look what you've done... got everyone in an uproar There will (Should) be NO LOP on the IQD, JMO Matt
  5. Hmm... I tell ya what, instead of being a smart a$$ and being RUDE, why not go and "search" for the history of the Iraqi Dinar and the value of what it once was, and will again be. There are no "experts or professionals" in this investment, as this type of investment (RV) doesn't happen all that often, especially with this type of potential. I'm not trying to argue with you, but you seem to come off as a jerk here.... If you want to know something, try asking a little nicer. If you ARE invested in the IQD, you are here for the same reason we are.... to LEARN. If you ARE NOT invested in the d
  6. I think you are misunderstanding ole Frankie. IMO he is not "toying" with your emotions, he is simply passing info he gets (along with his OPINION) just like MANY others do. Also, and NO offense, but why would you question a mans faith by stating "pretend you are a Christian"? Who are you to judge Frank? Again, I am not trying to offend or argue with you. Remember 1 thing..... Judge NOT unless you yourself are ready to be judged. GOD Bless and GOOOO RV! Matt
  7. And the wheels on the RV bus go round and round ....... Matt
  8. Hmmm..... Maybe the Dodge Ram was a mistake? Matt
  9. Check out the 15th.... HMMM...... Here's to hoping and PRAYING!!! Matt
  10. Good Grief people....... Phoenix was only giving his OPINION in which we are ALL entitled too. I am starting to believe what others have said.... when someone gives you info you like, you say great things about them..... When they say the opposite, you want to BASH them. Another reason I do NOT give my OPINION. What a disappointment. Matt
  11. And PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE Possum..... NO pictures of you naked chasing your momma down the street! Good to see ya again ole friend!! Matt
  12. WRONG...... They had a CC the other night and EVERYONE was invited...... They are not like that.... Matt
  13. I Believe if you sign up for his newsletter at , he said he will send out an E-mail as soon as the RV is OFFICIALLY announced. Matt
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