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  1. Al-Sudani directs the adoption of the main electronic account for the settlement of financial operations November 23, 2023 Prime Minister Mohamed Shia Al-Sudani directed the adoption of the main electronic account branched to solve the problem of settling government financial operations. A government source told Al-Sumaria News, "The Prime Minister Mohamed Shia Al , SudaniHe directed the adoption of the main electronic account to solve the problem of settling government financial operations and collecting electronic payments from beneficiaries, including collecting funds and increasing the transparency of their movement, noting that this account will ensure the settlement of transactions on the same working day and increase the government's ability to monitor public money. He added, "The directives were issued to Ministry of Finance by instructing government institutions (tunnel units) to implement this with the banks holding their official accounts."
  2. The Sumerian reveals the outputs of an Iraqi – American meeting on external financial transfers November 11, 2023 A government source revealed, on Saturday, the outputs of a meeting between the Central Bank of Iraq and the American side regarding external transfers to cover revenues. The source said to the Sumerian News, "The past few days have witnessed intense meetings between a delegation from the Iraqi Central Bank and the American side responsible for external transfers to cover imports, in Abu Dhabi". He added, "The negotiations culminated in a number of decisions and mechanisms that contribute to facilitating the procedures for external transfers related to revenues through the window of selling foreign currency, where: Agreement to enhance the advance balance of five Iraqi banks in their accounts in dollars with Jordanian banks and remittances through (jp morgan). Solve problems related to rejected transfers, and it was agreed that the refusal of remittances is based on strong reasons. - Other meetings took place that brought together a US bank, the Central Bank of Iraq, and the American side to implement the UAE Dirham pilot mechanism. He added, "Things are going well in this regard, as all the technical details related to the issue have been resolved, and it is expected that the mechanism of enhancing the balances will start with the Emirati dirhams during the next few days". The source (who preferred not to reveal his name) stressed that "there are serious negotiations that have reached their final stages to enhance the balances of some Iraqi banks in euros with the UBAF bank; to finance trade with the European Union". In the same context, he referred to "the increase in the number of banks whose balances are strengthened in Chinese yuan through the Singapore Development Bank، Where accounts were opened for 6 Iraqi banks in this bank, and during the coming period, 7 other banks will be added to finance Iraqi trade and revenues from China, where these revenues are estimated at 12 billion dollars annually". And he continued his speech: "It has also started to open bank accounts in the Indian rupee for a number of Iraqi banks in the same correspondent, the Singapore Development Bank (New Delhi branch), and the balance enhancement operations of two Iraqi banks have already taken place as a first stage". He expected that "this mechanism will contribute to financing Iraq’s revenues from India, especially medicines and foodstuffs, which are estimated at $ 3 billion".
  3. Government directive regarding the banking sector in Iraq Oct 15, 2023 Today, Sunday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani directed the simplification of all banking procedures, and he also directed the preparation of a proposed list of facilities and simplified procedures to be submitted within a week. Al-Sudani's office said in a statement, "Within the framework of his follow-up to the plan to implement financial and administrative reforms in the financial and banking sectors, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia' al-Sudani chaired, this evening, Sunday, a meeting that included the Governor of the Central Bank and the directors of government banks, in which the procedures and work mechanisms taken to achieve... Banking reform, which constitutes one of the basic steps of financial and economic reform that the government adopts in its executive approach." Al-Sudani stressed, according to the statement, that "financial reform is not just a slogan, but rather a series of terms and procedures that the government is determined to implement without hesitation, and will face all the challenges and obstacles that impede the progress of implementing systematic and thoughtful reform plans." According to the statement, Al-Sudani stressed that "financial reform is not just a slogan, but a series of vocabulary and measures that the government intends to implement without hesitation, and will face all challenges and obstacles that hinder the implementation of systematic and studied reform plans."
  4. إحلال الدينار محلَّ الدولار Bing translates the title as: "Replacing the dollar with the dinar"
  5. Sudani: We are proceeding with economic and service reforms that the Iraqi street touches Oct 11, 2023 Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani stressed on Wednesday that the government is continuing to implement economic, administrative and service reforms, pointing to the importance of the contribution of Iraqi competencies in building Iraq and achieving the desired progress. said Information Office to the Prime Minister in a statement received to "Al , Sumaria News"Al-Sudani met today with a group of the Iraqi community residing in the Russian Federation, on the sidelines of his official visit to Russian capital Moscow". The office added that "the Sudanese listened during the meeting, to a comprehensive presentation on the conditions of the Iraqi community, the progress of their affairs and requirements and the most important obstacles and difficulties facing them in their residence." Speaking to the elites of the community, al-Sudani stressed that "the government is proceeding with the implementation of economic, administrative and service reforms that are felt by the Iraqi street, and achieve the aspirations of the people and what they want from the government." Al-Sudani pointed to "the importance of the contribution of Iraqi competencies, wherever they exist, in building Iraq and achieve the desired progress," expressing that "the government welcomes the embrace of all those who wish to contribute to development and reform," stressing that "the government adheres to the support of Iraqi citizens everywhere, and is keen to facilitate their affairs, provide them with all administrative services, and take care of their affairs." It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister, Mohamed Shia Al , Sudani, arrived yesterday, Tuesday (October 10, 2023), to Russian capital Moscow on an official visit.
  6. Directly financing retirees' salaries for the current month Oct 1 2023 The Ministry of Finance announced today, Sunday, the direct financing of the salaries of retirees (civilian and military) for the current month of October. The Ministry stated, in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that "the Ministry's Accounting Department has begun releasing funding for the salaries of civilian and military retirees for the current month." The Ministry called on the administration of Al-Rafidain and Al-Rashid Banks and the National Retirement Authority to "expedite the completion of procedures for paying the salaries of civil and military retirees via electronic payment cards." She called on all civilian and military retirees "who will receive text messages to visit bank branches and ATM outlets in Baghdad and the provinces to receive their salaries." In turn, Al-Rasheed Bank announced, on Sunday, raising the salaries of civil and military retirees. She called on all civilian and military retirees "who will receive text messages to visit bank branches and ATM outlets in Baghdad and the provinces to receive their salaries."
  7. Thanks tigergorzow! "Iraq’s central bank will restrict all internal commercial transactions to the Iraqi dinar starting next year, the bank said in a statement, citing governor Ali Al-Allaq." The step appears aimed at curbing the dealing of the US dollar outside Iraq’s banking sector, as well as limiting smuggling it abroad.
  8. Parliament session agenda next Thursday September 12, 2023 Source: Alsumaria News 2,312 views Al-Sumaria News publishes the agenda of the House of Representatives session for next Thursday. The agenda includes six items, including a vote on the creation of Halabja Governorate. Today, Tuesday, the House of Representatives held a regular session devoted to discussing the water crisis. أولً: التصويت على مشروع قائون التعديل الثاني لقانون التأمين على المسؤولية الشخصية لموظفي دوائر الدولة والقطاع العام رقم (57) لسنة ١٠11١ .(اللجنة القانونية» اللجنة المالية)ء ١" مادة). ثانياً: التصويت على مشروع قانون استحداث محافظة حلبجة في جمهورية العراق. (لجنة الاقاليم والمحافظات غير المنتظمة بإقليم» اللجنة القانونية)» 5 مادة). ثالثأً: القراءة الاولى لمشروع قانون تصديق اتفاقية خدمات النقل الجوي بين حكومة جمهورية العراق وحكومة روسيا الإتحادية. (لجنة العلاقات الخارجية)؛ (؟ مادة). رابعاً: القراءة الاولى لمشروع قانون تصديق معاهدة الشراكة الاستراتيجية بين حكومة جمهورية العراق والجمهورية الفرنسية. (لجنة العلاقات الخارجية)» (؟ مادة). خامساً: تقرير ومناقشة (القراءة الثانية) مشروع قانون تصديق جمهورية العراق على الاتفاقية العربية لمنع ومكافحة تعرير و يه) مسروع قانون تصديق جمهو و الاستنساخ البشري. (لجنة العلاقات الخارجية). سادساً: تقرير ومناقشة (القراءة الثانية) مشروع قانون انضمام جمهورية العراق الى النظام الاساسي للمجلس الدولي للتمور. (لجنة العلاقات الخارجية). Google Translation: First: Voting on the draft law for the second amendment to the personal liability insurance law for employees of state departments And the public sector No. (57) of 10111. (Legal Committee - Financial Committee (1) Article). Second: Voting on the draft law creating Halabja Governorate in the Republic of Iraq. (Regions and Governorates Committee Not organized within the territory of the Legal Committee (Article 5). Third: The first reading of the draft law ratifying the air transport services agreement between the government of the Republic of Iraq and the government of Russia Federalism. (Committee on Foreign Relations); (? material). Fourth: The first reading of the draft law ratifying the strategic partnership treaty between the government of the Republic of Iraq and the Republic French. (Committee on Foreign Relations)” (? Article). Fifth: Report and discuss (second reading) the draft law on the Republic of Iraq’s ratification of the Arab Convention to Prevent and Combat Definition of the draft law on ratification of the public Human cloning. (Committee on Foreign Relations). Sixth: Report and discuss (second reading) the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the statute of the International Council For dates. (Committee on Foreign Relations).
  9. Al-Awadi: The regional government did not deliver oil and non-oil revenues 2023-09-08 | 05:08 The government spokesman for Al-Awadi confirmed on Friday that the federal government has fully implemented its financial obligations towards the Kurdistan region. Al-Awadi stated in a statement received to Al , Sumaria News, that "the Federal Government has fully fulfilled its financial obligations to the territory of Kurdistan He pointed out that "until the end of June, the funds in the region's debt amounted to more than three times the region's share, according to the actual expenditure of the state, while the regional government did not deliver oil and non-oil revenues as required by the federal budget law." He added that "despite the lack of commitment of the regional government, the federal government took a decision not to hold Iraqi citizens in the region responsible for non-compliance, and we acted as permitted by law to take a decision in Cabinet to lend to the region until its financial problems are duly resolved." Al-Awadi stressed that "the federal government is keen on the rights of citizens in the region Kurdistan Compliance with federal laws and agreements concluded under the constitution is the shortest way to complete financial transfers and enhance confidence."
  10. Kurdistan invites Baghdad on budget funds September 6, 2023 Today, Wednesday, the Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers called on the federal government to pay the region's financial dues with the amounts included in the budget schedules. In a statement received by Alsumaria News, the council's media said, "Today, Wednesday, September 6, 2023, the Kurdistan Regional Council of Ministers held its weekly meeting chaired by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, and in the presence of the Council's deputy head, Qubad Talabani, and discussed a number of issues included in the agenda." his business". The Council of Ministers called on the federal government and the concerned authorities to "take immediate legal measures against all those who used weapons against the demonstrators and caused the death of a number of them, and to bring the perpetrators to justice so that they receive their punishment." After that, they discussed "the latest developments related to the implementation of the Federal Budget Law for the year 2023, and then the members of the negotiating delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government presented the results of their last meeting in Baghdad with the delegation of the federal government, regarding the rights and financial entitlements of the Kurdistan Region." The Cabinet called on the federal government and the concerned authorities to "take immediate legal measures against all those who used weapons in the face of demonstrators and caused the martyrdom of a number of them, and to bring the perpetrators to justice to receive their punishment." "The Council of Ministers of the region called on the Federal Council of Ministers to "review its decision in a fair and equitable manner and send financial benefits to the region based on the figures fixed in the tables of the region's share of the budget, especially sending The part allocated for monthly salaries worth 906 billion dinars, so that the Kurdistan region can pay them to those who receive salaries in the region, like the rest of the salary recipients throughout Iraq who receive their monthly salaries without delay, and therefore, the salaries Allocated to the region must be disbursed in the federal budget according to the same standards. It should not be treated differently and unfairly, but must be in accordance with the Constitution and the principle of equality in the implementation of laws."
  11. Finance unveils procedure for salaries of Kurdistan Region employees Sept 5,2023 On Tuesday evening, the Ministry of Finance revealed a measure regarding the salaries of employees of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The ministry said in a statement that "based on the approval of the Council of Ministers and in implementation of its decision No. (23500) in its session held on Sunday, September 3, 2023, Rafidain and Al-Rasheed banks will sign a loan agreement with the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan region to meet the salaries of the region's employees by guaranteeing a deposit provided to the Federal Ministry of Finance, provided that it is settled from the region's dues after their commitment to the provisions of the budget law." The statement added that "the Ministry of Finance is keen to ensure the financial rights of citizens and all employees in accordance with what is imposed by the controls and instructions stipulated," explaining "Accordingly, the decision of the federal government to disburse financial loans to the Kurdistan Regional Government as salaries for its employees and the representation of the region to coordinate with the banks above for the purpose of signing the Minister of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government loan agreement referred to in the decision in question." The statement pointed out that "the Ministry of Finance applies its procedures in accordance with what was stated in the Federal Budget Law No. 13 of 2023, including securing the financial rights of those who deserve them," stressing "the government's keenness to meet the requirements of employees in the Kurdistan region and implement financial reforms aimed at promoting economic growth."
  12. Laws on the shelves of Parliament awaiting approval. Parliamentarian: This is what will pass in the current chapter 8/15/2023 A member of the House of Representatives, Nour Al-Jalihawi, revealed on Tuesday the most important laws that Parliament intends to approve during the current legislative term. Al-Jalihawi said in an interview with Al-Sumaria News, "The most important laws that will be passed during the current legislative term are: the oil and gas law, the law for people with disabilities, the law on unions and the law of holidays and events." "These laws have been submitted to the Presidency of the House of Representatives," she said. During the current legislative term, the parliament plans to pass laws that have been on the table for many years and carry with them political aspects, and the postponement of their approval has exacerbated disputes, especially with regard to the oil and gas law.
  13. Disable official working hours for tomorrow throughout Iraq 7/29/2023 Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani decided to suspend official working hours throughout Iraq for tomorrow, Sunday. Al-Sudani's office said in a statement, "The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia'a Al-Sudani, directed the suspension of official working hours for tomorrow, Sunday, 7/30/2023, coinciding with the tenth day of Muharram al-Haram." The statement excluded the "security, health and service departments" from the holiday.
  14. Sudanese Directs To Suspend Official Working Hours For Tomorrow, Sunday 7/29/2023 The Prime Minister, Mr. Mohamed Shia Al-Sudani, directed the suspension of the official working hours for tomorrow, Sunday, 2023/7/30, coinciding with the tenth day of Muharram, with the exception of the security, health and service departments. General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers 29 July 2023
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