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  1. @dinar_millions: May I ask you some questions? Just for the sake of painting a mental picture... How old are you (even a range will suffice)? What level of education have you achieved? In which geographic region do you currently live (If in the US, please provide me a general area... I assume your response will be 'midwest')? Are you from Germany (I only ask due to your strange obsession)? Random off-topic question: What are the rules in the lopster tank respecting the posting of links to other dinar-related websites? What are the rules about mentioning the names of such websites? I
  2. Yippieee... let me quote the German RV again... everyone here ignores me... For anyone interested and not completely disillusioned to the point of being incapable of deciphering new and factual information, you should go check out the new interview with John Jagerson respecting the IQD. Although I am sure the majority will dismiss him as another "government shill"... wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
  3. Machine: If I may say so, you state a rather facile response. "What else are [you] supposed to do..."? If I may make a suggestion, take your savings and/or the proceeds from selling your Dinars and invest it in a reputable mutual fund portfolio! Mix in some strong equities and hedge yourself against systemic downturns as best as you can. THIS is the way to wealth! Steady as she goes... Little by little, you will build real wealth. I have followed this rather un-sexy investment method for years and have enjoyed an average annual pre-tax return of 7.85%. Not bad once you build your posit
  4. We should also address the rather giant oddity of all RV'ers being invested in only physical currency. I realize that opening a bank account in Iraq is not an easy venture, however, why would none of you do the following: Pack your bags, fly over to Iraq, and find a reputable firm in the financial sector. Sign an enforceable agreement that enables you to open an ELECTRONIC position (also giving you full control and ownership over said account) and simply deposit your Dinar holdings into such an account. Once it RV's, you could then easily do the exchange electronically while intelligently
  5. Hi Shelley. I appreciate your response. Says a lot about a person's character that is able to apologize. As far as my having used disparaging words on some previous posts, I am the one who is sorry. Sometimes, during a heated discussion, I do not realize how crude and stinging some words can be. I was simply attempting to illustrate the absurdity of the numbers using some well-intentioned and simple financial arithmetic (I assure you, my maths are correct). Again, during an argument, it is quite normal to become a little bit dislodged; for this, I apologize.
  6. Ummm.. can some other members chime in respecting my above illustration. My math seems solid. I have no clue what you are referring to in point #3. In response to you having purchased at US$700.00 per million Dinars, I can only state that this would make your ROI even more delusional.
  7. Oh sweet holy spaghetti monster (my very personal and imaginary deity; so, you cannot make fun for my believing in it!)! The RV, much like "The Lord of the Rings", is a mythical feel-good story.
  8. You make light of what I said? In all honesty, don't you ever question the possible windfall from millions of people having their multi-year dreams explode in their faces? Shame on you.
  9. In all seriousness caz1104, I truly cannot understand your bitterness to our posting! I have some factual information for you regarding this entire Dinar situation: Many, many good-intentioned, yet extremely credulous individuals have been financially harmed by this investment. Secondly, I truly am concerned (believe what you may, but this is the god-honest truth) about the millions of Dinar investors and their reactions and abilities to deal with the eventual LOP. Will there be depressed people? Will there be suicides? Do you never think about that...?
  10. Ok. So, if I understand your scenario correctly, you expected to do the following: 1) Buy, for the sake of this example, one million Dinar for roughly US$900.00; 2) Then, you expect to make US$0.10 per Dinar - This would be equivalent to US$100,000.00, excluding any transaction costs; 3) So, in summary, you expected to have an overall ROI of roughly 11,011% (US$99,100.00 net gain from an original principal investment amount of US$900.00). If the above scenario is based on correctly interpreting your statement, do you not ever take a good, hard look in the mirror and question your sense
  11. Sounds like a lot of people are starting to get cold feet respecting this entire thing. I am still amazed how some members continue to claim a "gain" or "profit" on their investments. This is not possible. By the time you incorporate the purchase and sales fees of your holdings, you are most definitely in the negative. In order to appropriately state that one has enjoyed an investment gain, you have to actually realize that gain by disposing of your investment. I can guarantee that no person holding Dinars has made any realizable money to date. Of course, the only people cashing in
  12. I am glad that so many guests and other members are reading this! Should awaken a few more sheep.
  13. And @dontlop, I honestly have stopped reading your posts. The gibberish you have been posting and the rather odd choice of formatting give me a giant headache. I would wager that I am not the only one thinking the same.
  14. Here is the solution: SELL YOUR DINARS AND RUN! I have stated this numerous times... You are simply not hearing it. Very true! Myself and a few other people well-versed in social marketing are starting a campaign of contacting big news agencies such as CNN, FOX, ABCNEWS, SKYNEWS, etc. Trust me people, this entire thing is on its last legs. Once the bigger news agencies pick up on this story and do their own objective investigative reports, it will be all over. Only thing left to do at that point is to create an eBay account and sell your worthless paper. BTW, I highly suggest that any
  15. You obviously are being facetious with your comment. Opinion piece? Did you not watch the video which included the input of numerous specialists and quoted statements by several officials of banks, governments, and other institutions? I cannot for the life of me comprehend individuals such as yourself. How are you able to have factual and objective evidence literally smack you in the face on a daily basis, yet shrug it off as 'opinions' and 'untruths'? It truly is bizarre just how much a human being can be brainwashed with the promise of wealth for doing absolutely no work in return.
  16. Hmmm... seems like the world is starting to catch on. Are any of you going to wake up?
  17. You're a sick puppy Caz. One of the sickest on this site. I will make you my pet project.
  18. I truly hope you decide to reduce your exposure! I still cringe after reading about the sum you have invested in this... Did you do objective and impartial research on this thing (I hate to call it an investment)? I beg you to read other sites and really sit down and analyse the economic and financial data of the absurdity of a mythical RV. Please don't misconstrue my comment as disrespectful; you must be a very intelligent man to have made money in the stock market. However, if you fell into this mess due to friends, relatives, and/or guru BS, then I beg you to really get over the hump and
  19. I am truly shocked after reading the amount you have invested in this. You must be a very wealthy individual to have the ability to invest this kind of sum in an investment that will simply provide no return. Furthermore, there is an extremely high chance that you will lose 100% of your money. Please take my advice and head to your local investment advisor at your bank. Inform him or her about your holdings in the Dinar and please listen to his or her suggestion! Again, I must qualify this comment by stating that I do not know your financial situation. If you have liquid millions of US d
  20. Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is the virus of 'non-thinking'.
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