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  1. March 2014 - Why????? What the hell it's as good as any of the Guru's guesses, but I'm not stating mine as fact
  2. The "intel" is beyond rediculous! Whales cashing in.....I don't think so, that's called insider trading. NDA why would you need to sign an NDA? Who is this NDA protecting? The banks don't need protection. You don't need protection. Who needs the fact that you exchanged some foreign currency protected. It just never ends. 1-800 numbers, you might want to make an appointment with a personal banker, a financial planner or estate planner but I doubt that you need to call an 800 number to get an appointment to exchange some currency.
  3. Looks like Okie wasn't that insulted, he posted again on another site and he's flying his plane around with a fist full of diplomas....(what with all the cloak and dagger stuff?)
  4. This is just insulting. If we were smart enough to invest, I think we're smart enough to not show up at the bank with poop stains on our pants looking like Tickile on Moonshiners. Geez, where does this guy get off, he needs a wheelbarrel to carry around that set
  5. These Guru's are amazing! Anytime someone has the audacity to try and check out their claims, and comes up with a blank, they bluster and say how insulted they are. This has gotten beyond rediculous. One Guru is telllng you how to dress when you go to your bank. Do you think the bank cares how you dress? They care, about getting your deposits, they have more money to lend it's a win/win for the banks! Then another Guru tells you that bus loads of eager Dinar holders storm the banks in NY and disrupt banking and panic the bank personnel holding up an RV. Don't you think if New York banks were stormed they would print that? The New York Times, Fox News, CBS news etc has never stiffled a single event unless it was criminal (like a serial killer's MO) and even then they have issues shutting up the presses and not printiing a news worthy item. If bus loads showed up it is the Guru's fault for telling us "it is done," "Today is the day", it has already happened....and you only have 3 to 7 days to do it or the rates will go down! Then they wonder why someone might just be bold enough to check it out at the banks. I hate to say this, but there is no intel. No one knows except the government of IRAQ! Do I think it will happen......yes I do. At some point Iraq will need to have an internationally traded currency. All in good time. Keep checking Forex, and the CBI. But don't believe every tidbit that someone you don't know, and have no frame of reference for who they are and who they know feed you a bunch of bull and act on it. Go talk to a bank manager about how currency exchanges work, and how they will handle a re-valued currency. They are the professionals and they know what will go on. I'm just trying to use some common sense here. No one wants this more than me! I need the money desperately but just am not gulllible. I don't know Okie, or Tony or any of the others so naturally why would I believe everything they say. I'm from NJ and I'm a skeptic by nature. Go RV
  6. There isn't a GURU out there that has any credibility. They have been calling it for years. The phrase I love the most is "It's done" or "it's here" and of course it's not! You would think that they would be too embarassed to continue spouting this crap, especially if they read the responses to their latest and greatest predictions! Might as well open a fortune cookie!
  7. Even the Iraqi's don't want them, because the money is worthless there too.
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