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  1. Adam. Thanks for all you do. Can you please explain the rhetoric about 800#'s that is a constant. Of late there has been a daily onslaught of this with excuses up the ying yang (excuse my French). I do not believe of understand where or why others keep talking about them. Please set me straight as I need more to learn. Thanks Kevin L Anaheim, CA.
  2. I rarely ever post. But a question in this weeks chat...I had to inject my opinion. As for some of the dislike for Adam across some of the sites out there....well, he is the most knowledgeable and honest guy about the Dinar there is. This is why I became a VIP member. I bought into the Dinar idea some 8+ years ago. I knew it was a long term endeavor and with all the reading and research I have done, Adam has been the one most reasonable and grounded persons out there. I have, over time, purchased more Dinar because I believe and support the success of Iraq becoming an independent self governing and self providing country which we will prosper when the Dinar RV's. Adam has the same belief and I believe qualifications to state what he states. His weekly chat is informative and real and keeps us realists grounded in going forward and proves the naysayers and critics are really just noise and a distraction. Thanks for your time. Enjoy the day and enjoy the RV. It will happen. Kevin L
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