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  1. You can get it cheaper through e-bay. I believe at this moment the cheapest is $59.00 per million. It's going up weekly. A couple of weeks ago I bought at $48.00 per million.
  2. Go to our section here on DV Iraqi News. Dinar Thug posted an article that reads "Dasesh Acknowledges Defeat and GAVE UP". Ok now we can toast to this good news.
  3. Way to go Thuggie ......I was trying to bring in this post earlier today but wasn't successful at it. This is great news. This is what we've been waiting for. Isis surrendering . Mosul is liberated at last. Next is our stop........the RV..
  4. Dinar Thug just started a thread with the post that I was trying to bring over but was having trouble doing so. It's called "Daesh Acknowledge DEFEAT and GAVE UP ". Go read it. It's what we've been waiting for. ISIS SURRENDERING ........At Last
  5. PP, Iraq will be RVing this year and Iran most likely a little bit after . So hang on tight cause the ground is about to start shaking. I just read that ISIS has surrendered to the iraqi army. They were cornered and had the choice to die or surrender and "they surrendered" ! Liberation of Mosul . Now the next step will be monetary reform. Raise that value ! Come on Iraq..... we've been waiting a long time for this (sorry for that 4 letter word) THEN ON TO THE RIAL.................
  6. Abadi: No option for organizing Daesh either death or surrender Euronews Last Updated:10/31/2016 Iraqi forces and counterterrorism became a few hundred meters from the city of Mosul , the last bastion for theorganization of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and entered the golden battalion of special forces to thetowns Qoukgele and angles, while denied the Iraqi military sources high entry units to Karama area within the city ofMosul.Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi visited Monday Qayyarah air base near Mosul, he said, wearing a military uniform th
  7. I just read an article on another site that said " ISSI SURRENDERED" . Abadi gave them the choice "Die or Surrender" and they surrendered.
  8. Thank You for the constant articles Scewball. You do fine job of keeping us updated. Much appreciated. Im not posting much these days but I am reading everything you post. Climber..... I think you're right .....Iran should do something before the new POTUS takes over. All though we need to remember these countries have an agenda.... we're just not aware of what it is. Lots of stuff going on behind the scene that we'll never know about. The good news is that we can plainly see all the articles that show that they do want to move forward ....and they are. This is all coming to
  9. So if they already approved it when will it show up for us to see ?
  10. My thoughts exactly . Old article. Hope they still go through with it. 1.20-1 would be a good start. Then lets hope they let it float. Then this party will start getting hot.
  11. Something tells me from articles that I've read in the past that there is an agreement and understanding among them that Iraq will lead the way. They are trading partners and their rate will affect each other..... So leads me to believe that they will be on par ....or at least start on par to the rate being similar for their benefit .Once it starts to float on the international markets that'll be a different story.Thats when we come in and start deciding at what rate to cash out on.Each is aware of what the other is doing. We'll just have to wait and see. We're the ones in the dark
  12. I think that Iraq will come out at 1-1 (as per articles that have said that ) and will start to float . I believe that we will see this start to happen in the coming weeks towards end off year . And I do feel that we will see this happen this year 2016. Im not sure about Iran. I can see their motivation and progress ......and I agree they won't want to be left behind. Im hoping that they can start off strong and float to their potential rate. I know that I won't be touching it until it reaches at least 1-1. And even then I'll re-evaluate the situation .What would be the point in cashing o
  13. I think so too. iraq will go first.......then the rest will follow, We'll see......
  14. That sounds about right to fanfare. surprise .......
  15. Thank You Climber ......This is very interesting. I have heard of them before but wasn't sure they really existed . Good read.
  16. At the very beginning of the thread it said it ......but that was way back in January. I think thats were the mistake is . Its not this coming Sunday. It was meant to be way back then.
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