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  1. Thanks for the uplifting laugh. Now, can you find the RI?
  2. Okay, let me be clear. I am not dissgruntled or upset. I could care less if this RV's 3 years from now. I was just taking note of all these people who jump in and say Yahoo an RV is happening on such and such date with no valid way to back it up short of a link. All this does is to discourage people that could not afford to buy many Dinar in the first place. I am very patient and if there is no RV when I die then I will happly will then over to my kids.
  3. You are so correct Doc I being a former service remember myself the dificult jobs you all had to endure as it goes "Boots on the ground." The emotions are way to high on here and other sites.Everyone needs to step back and take a breather and remain calm. Will it happen this year? Not likely, but it will happen. Whata small percentage of people are lossing sight of is the fact that this would not be possible except for the fact that a lot of blood was lost there in Iraq as well as the injury toll; As a disabled vet and the fact that I need to use the services of my local VA Hospital, I have noticed many more Vets in the hospital with missing limbs, which are very noticable right off. Let's also not forget that many of these disabled vets may not have had the chance to purchase any Dinar to take home for themselves or family. So when you hit it big as you may say, don't forget about the blood that was lost or the injured ones. Think about how thedeaths and injury will affect the families as well. Most importantly don't forget about all the lives put on hold while that serciceman had to spend many many months away from home.
  4. [/font I understand there is a requirement that a non VIP has to put up 10 postings in order to gain access to the chat room. I just realize that this could be why there is a lot of repetitive or useless stuff in the forums. I see more digruntled people speaking up about this. Maybe I am missing something here, but why, if I am a VIP do I have to pay to use the chat room while others that don't pay are only required to post 10 X's In the sense of fairness, it should only be one way or another
  5. Well, here we go again. Some of you were so sure there was going to be an RV today May 1st. All I have to say is, what happened to your source? IE: your father's, freind, who's mother's, boyfreind who works for the U.S. Treasury Or your mother's best freind, who has a girl freind, that knows a guy who keeps his dog at the kenal during the day at the CBI. I think you know where this is going. We see more and more of these post as of late that tout dates like April 24th, April 27th and just today May 1st. Opinions are one thing because you backthem up with your thoughts. However, these other posts with the endless lines of know-it alls in my opinion muddy the waters on further research. If you can't backup your opinion and are only looking for your 15 minutes then please wait till you have something usefull. Any thoughts?
  6. Hi all, My name is Dave and I have been buying Dinar now for nearly a year and a half with nearly fifeteen million peices of wall paper. I am a former Navy Seabee Vet, and retired for Remington Ars Com. after many years. While I respect most comments placed on here. There are others that makes me wonder where they got their smarts from . But hey, this is what America is all about. While I enjoy putting my well reseached spin on here, all I ask that you treat me with dignity. Lastly, My prediction. The IQD in my opinion will RV between Sept 2010 & Jan 2012. More likely to happen during the latter part of this period. Again, Hi & welcome to all Dinar holders and good luck when ever this happens.
  7. Might be better able to help you answer your question if we knew how long you have held on to yours or when did you first started buying them? As for me, I am holding pat with my 15 million worth of wallpaper as they are called right now. If no RV by Dec then I may buy 3 million more. Hell, maybe I'll have enogh to side my house by then.LOL
  8. This past weekend while going through my mail, Bloomberg Businessweek in which I subscribe to, it had a very interesting but short article about the economy in Iraq. It talks about where they are now versuses back in 2003. While their economy was dead in the water in 2003, it is estimated that their economy will increase by nearly 17%. The article reassures the reader that good things are happening and will continue to happen for the forseeable futures. The article talks very little about the Dinar, other than to say it is stable with very low inflation at this time. If you ask my opinion about the article I can tell you this. With what the article says and from all my other reseach, you will not see an RV this week, next week or even into May. There are still a few piecies to the puzzle that need to be placed yet. I contend that an RV will happen anytime between August 2010 & October 2011. I firmly beleive that the sooner the Dinar RVs the lower it will be. Allow it to take its time and you will be rewarded in the end If you want to read this article, you can find it on page 17 of Bloomberg Businessweek April 26, 2010
  9. No !!!!!!! Don't even think about selling those Dinars. I started in on buying mine in early 2009 after doing much research. I knew that they have been around since the begining of the war. However most people have been going on the line of thinking that the IQD would RV like the Kuwaitti (spelling) Dinar. Well, it is true and not true and where most everyone got it wrong was on the following idea. While the war in Kuwait was relatively short, with very little damage, the same could not be swaid for Iraq as you should well know. Iraq took a lot of damage to its infastructure, the oil feilds, utillities and overall economy. The dynamics in Iraq are very much different, which dosen't mean the IQD won't RV soon. In my opinion you wont see an RV untill sometime between June 2010 & December 2011, so do not get rid of those Dinars.
  10. Mtaajj You have hit the nail right on the head, in which you say the site has moved away from where it was . Perhaps the Admin should seperate the the two sites so that you don't get info filtering into the free site that they talk about. This may go a long way in solving concern that they write about. I hope I made sense of it.
  11. I have noticed recently that if you want access to the chat room then you must post something. I find this all rather odd. Why? Because I am a VIP member and pay my dues. I use this site to find out any new information and as for myself, I am not one to be writing all the time. To force others to post when they would rather not can put forth a lot of issues. For the guy that may not want to post, you may catch him on a bad day and he or she may say something causing anoymossity with others on the site. I think you all know where I am going with this. If you don't know let me explain further. I am seeing a few more members on here doing more bashing with one an other and I feel we have gotten away from what the website started out as, Also, the more people post, the more misinformation that may be put out there and it take more time to sort through all the clutter. In the end while there may be merrit for the non paying member to have to post, I do feel strongly that those of us that pay as VIP members should be exempt from this. After all, why pay VIP member fees? Weather you feel I am right or wrong , I would like to hear what others have to say about this.
  12. Opps!!!! Should have been Bank in NYC It Aint Over Till The Fat Lady Sings. My spell check isn't working, sorry
  13. Thanks for the post but after hearing so many and you can not verrify it, I won't beleive it till I go to the bam in NYC with sachel full of IQD and dump them an associates desk and hearit from him. However, it will happen when it happens, and as they say "It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Signs." , No offense to the heavy women.
  14. From A former U.S. Navy Seabee NMCB-5 Port Hueneme, Ca. Aug 1972 to Aug 1976 "Go Navy" BU3 David E. Foster
  15. Hello all, I hope to learn more about the future of the dinar and worth while info. Please don't be shy to jump in if I need help. Seabee
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