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  1. Did they not check the constitutionality of the law? I thought this was what was reported the other day. IMHO smoke
  2. Does anyone really know? There are 24 hours in a day. He just went with his gut feeling as Sonny1 said. I'm with you Aqua! Go RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Maliki better hope they don't start making public his past or he may need the vest!
  4. Easy if I remember correctly did they not state the exhange would be 1to1?
  5. I have visited 5/3 many times in NC and always been treated well. Most of the people that work at this branch are invested.
  6. Thanks Sonny1. You make it real
  7. How about Pene"LOP"e! Just kidding ,good luck hope all stay healthy wealthy and wise!
  8. congratulations. a baby is Gods way of saying the world should go on. Good Luck
  9. I think it was Oakie running form the lightning bolts! lol
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