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  1. theres no conversation going on here...just baby boy getting off on pissin in cheerios
  2. Again couldn't careless what you respect or cherish....your jumping in the middle of something that's been going on for years...heres an idea coward...if you don't like what I have to say...try the ignore button or just sit on your hands
  3. AWWW look at you stopping by to protect baby boy...we all know your posting under a new screen name and have been around...why hide? Spineless? Coward? all of the above? You wanna know what I think and know where I stand? Go back and read my posts...been here for about 3 years more keyboard tough it...I couldn't careless what you have to say or think Especially some coward who can't post under one name for fear know one will pay attention to him as you bring the same old tired argument....lop no lop....blah blah blah
  4. Actually I don't have the time to sit around on the net arguing back and forth with a snot nose baby boy...I got a lot better things to do... I feel sorry for you baby boy and hope you find a real purpose in life.....we both know nothing I say is gonna change you....your scarred and damaged way to much for me to help need the assistance of a professional
  5. Seriously? If you think that's a valid should definitely do a little research
  6. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen you post.... He knows why hes here....
  7. they finally put you where you belong baby boy! I don't check in here very often but to my surprise its so nice to see you quarantined.....its to bad they let you run so many good people off before it happened... I see you STILL love to piss people off and spend all your spare time here....I told you a long time ago you should really consider seeking the help you so desperately need...theres way more to life baby boy.... So now I read you sold your dinar and are STILL here OMG...get a grip and go do something productive with your life...theres still time baby boy But hey again to the ones who finally put you in the right place...rock on baby boy
  8. Baby have got to get yourself some are nuts...funny though...I almost feel sorry for you...really pathetic you know the definition of insanity? seriously should give it a rest...lot more to life than the iqd...I know I know you just stop by to help people...LMFAO!!!
  9. you know better than that baby boy.........LMFAO.....only in your world
  10. Thats funny...I didnt see you comment on any of these..... BAGHDAD / With: spokesman called white parliamentary bloc Kazem Al-Shammari to make an appointment to reset the Iraqi currency. Al-Shammari said in a press statement, received a "news the future," a copy of it, that "the high volume of reserves of Iraq from foreign currency to $ 76 billion in addition to the 30 tons of gold bullion, and out of Iraq from Chapter VII, make it necessary to set a date to reset the Iraqi currency ." "The investment of this reserve big help to raise the value of the Iraqi currency compared to foreign currencies, and thus will contribute to reduce the prices of goods and commodities, would be reflected on improving the living standards for the Iraqi people and thus contribute to the insurance community and reduce crime and the fight against terrorism." Ended Read more: Central Bank Governor promises bright future for IraqisBy Adel Kadhem Azzaman, July 9, 2013 Iraq’s financial capabilities are stronger than any challenges the country might be facing, said Deputy Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank Abdulbasit Turki. “The near future will be a surprise … our potentials are greater than any challenges we are going to face,” Turki said. Turki made the remarks during a celebration marking the 10th founding anniversary or Iraq’s Commercial Bank. Turki took over the Central Bank’s administration almost 10 months ago, following a period in which the bank’s former leadership was alleged to have pursued policies detrimental to the country’s economy and the exchange rate of its national currency, the dinar. Iraqi Central Bank’s coffers are reported to be brimming with hard cash with reserves estimated at more than $70 billion. Turki said the short period in which he has been at the helm of the country’s most influential financial institution has provide him with evidence that Iraq will overcome its economic difficulties with great leaps forward in the near future. He did not elaborate, but hinted that his bank was negotiating with international banking institutions to open branches in the country and at the same time encourage foreign investment. “We have met delegations from some of the world’s largest banks who are willing to start operating in Iraq,” he said. Turki said his institution wants to turn Iraq into an arena for investment, particularly by foreign firms and entrepreneurs to rebuild its infrastructure. “Iraq is open to all investors willing to invest in it and reconstruct its institutions,” he said. Read more: The high value of the dinar 07/09/2013 12:00 AM Baghdad - Mostafa Hashemi said economic expert d. Peace Sumaisem: that the Iraqi dinar is witnessing a remarkable increase in value, especially in recent times, and after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII. Added Sumaisem told (morning): that there are several countries want to buy the dinar because it represents the currency of financial cover strongest in the region as well to being represents one of the aspects of investment for foreign investors, noting that there are expectations of higher value of the dinar to rates close to the standard which makes it desirable in global markets. explained Sumaisem the global currency markets is going according to the principle of expectation of higher currency or decline, and on the dinar, there are projections indicate to increase the value of the dinar in the global markets, He Astdrki that the fluctuation in the exchange rate within the country significantly affect the value of the dinar abroad. It is worth mentioning that there is a website American trading buying and selling Iraqi dinar since 2004. Read more: After the exit of Chapter VII sanctions on Iraq, international banking organizations are looking to invest in Iraq. The Iraqi central bank has recently declared that presently Iraq possesses high volume of foreign reserves, which is around 76 billion dollars and in addition to that bank owes 30tons gold bullon.Treasury Adviser Helal Al Ta’an, stated that this reserve will help raise the value of the Iraqi currency, compared with foreign exchange and thus contribute to the reduction of prices of goods and commodities. The currency reserves of the Central Bank is supporting the Iraqi currency in and out of Iraq, and increased oil imports might contribute directly to increasing the reserve and give more support to the Iraqi currency. Economist Majid Al Souri remarked, “The investment of surplus reserve is a deliberate economic policy of the country.” the parliamentary Financial Committee member Ahmed Al Masari criticized laws and banking regulations followed in Iraq, confirmed that the Parliament is determined to enact laws regulating banking in the future. The central bank declared that earlier the foreign reserves and gold were used to be managed in global banks. But after the exit of Chapter VII, the bank got more freedom and thus liberal decisions of the bank will bring future economic successes. Read more: Just admit your the biggest lopster around...they just let you swim free for some reason...
  11. Lol....look at you baby boy....ALL the great news as of late....including Turki talking good stuff....and you make a beeline for the lop are one funny dude! Heard you moved to Florida?
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