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  1. Time to diversify. I have 15 Mil for sale @ $900 per mil. Any takers? I live in the Seattle,Wa area. Mark
  2. I've been in this for 9 years. I knew it was a long term investment when I got in, Looks like it's going to be a bit longer.
  3. Help, I cannot access the "Iraq Topics" fourm. The header comes up faded out w no link to the fourm.
  4. An article a few days ago said it was already in front of parliament for a vote and another said it would take effect immediately when parliament voted on it. So we're just waiting on a vote. Wonder when the vote will be. Why would they wait months to vote on it?
  5. Off topic Question for Sara. Sara, did you used to be a member of the now closed Dinar Discussion Board on T&B?
  6. The New World Order I believe there is something afoot. All most of us can do is hang on and hope. If this thing pops either way RD or RV I'm into gold. Every economic / investment book I've ever read has predicted a world economic collapse and gold and silver were a must for any portfolio. Watch this interview w/George Soros on yuotube. Scary guy, and in reality . . . he's a small player.
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