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  1. Precisely my thought. I understood that Iraq could not possess weapons of mass destruction until chapter 7 was lifted. Why would they place an order on something they legally can't possess? HMMM
  2. At a dollar RV, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be happy. With the precedent setting potential, one cannot afford to miss out. In other words, if it hits (if), a scenario of this magnitude will likely never be duplicated. I take comfort in knowing I have the (if) covered. Good luck to you. Go RV!
  3. Regardless..getting raped by the bank at this point would be a good problem to have...
  4. I agree on no LOP. It simply fit into my failed attempt at riddling humor...GO RV!
  5. According to many VIP’s on DV, it will likely RV before it RD’s, thus rendering most us us VIP’s, hopefully ASAP. The rest of you YG’s need to be PC till this thing either RV’s or LOP’s.
  6. At 1-1 or higher, I will be sleeping at the bank waiting for it to open. I can hold you a spot in line if you wish.
  7. I'm flyng coach on the way over and 1st class on the way back...
  8. Get the name of the hotel and I will cash in myself!
  9. I'm heading to Hilton Head, SC for Labor Day weekend. Got my Blackberry in case my IQD RVs'. God Bless.
  10. What would happen if Iraq announced “We are going to revalue our currency and drop 3 zeros?” There would be a massive run on their currency, thus jeopardizing and/or delaying any revaluation. Relax. Iraq’s public posture suggesting a LOP is prudent and sensible. Screaming RV would costly and stupid. Trust me. Al-Shabibi is anything but stupid. This will happen…and soon. God Bless.
  11. Great post. Your transparency only adds to your validity. If only more posters were like you. GO RV!
  12. I have made several purchases from them. Fast and professional.
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