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  1. Automated trading programs available to retail traders will always lose-why? Because market conditions change and the program doesn't. The systems that work use Quant and are fed with neural networks and run on super cooled servers very close to the exchange servers. These are usually owned by big banks, hedge funds etc. These are the "black box" systems. There is a far easier way to trade and it is called price action. The art of chart. lol I'm sorry I couldn't help you but I have mega experience with trading. Either learn to trade like the trading desk or be prepared for a roller coaster with your account.
  2. Makes absolutely no sense. imho
  3. Maybe it was copy paper for the embassy, not like there are a lot of office max stores to run out to!
  4. That explains where his intel comes from. Every day is a great day for him! lol
  6. Yeah, I already posted and debunked it. it is from 1971.
  7. I would not put sonny1 in any category other than a member, I think we all mean well (most of the REAL members). I would also hope that people share what they hear and come across. I can remember several years ago my mom (works for very large law firm that specializes in tax law) told me that the feds were looking at offshore banks connected to money laundering involving dinar etc. Now I put this out on another forum and although it was true, the part about the dinar being worth more in the near future hasn't come to pass. I got quite a bit of flack on that one, my source was my mom. lol Just saying, sometimes things don't work out.
  8. Thanks. I've got eyes wide open and a full pot of coffee.
  9. No, I think it is from 1971. Sorry to all. Don't know why they would put that in the article unless it is just something on file there.
  10. This is from 1971. Bad info!
  11. No pic of the other side, the link is on the picture and it is from a news story about deleting the zeros and the new currency with all the languages etc. I don't know anything else.
  12. Forex is regulated by the nfa and cftc, it falls under futures trading and I can see how insider trading could be a problem-say a hegefund had a large order sitting at a level, many traders would want to piggyback on the big boys order. I am no insider but I will ask a bank desk trader that is licensed and see what he says.
  13. I thought it could appear at any time throughout the day etc. ?
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