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  1. I don’t see any discussion about this recent issue.
  2. the ad says" don't invest in the dinar. major revaluation imminent. but it's not our top pic. this is.. that is the bait and this below is the ad. Profit Bulletin: These Three Currencies Are Set for a Massive Upward Revaluation As the dollar and euro decline, here’s how to take advantage of the currency market’s new world order We’ll give you everything you need to know in our free report: Three Currencies You Must Buy Before Their Immin
  3. Wouldn't the CBI currency page show them if they exist?
  4. What happened with GB. Did anyone listen on monday?
  5. Ugh my skin crawls when he says "blessings". I tried to tell him last year when he was tantruming that he was now in the public eye and that with that, he was going to be scrutinized and he had to let it roll of of him. But seems none of my messages were read or listened to. What a big baby. Waahhhh.
  6. steve is a jerk and i don't want his info anymore. too many false predictions before he knew better, and had to say the new denoms had to be out first. too many "moron" insults, too many temper tantrums. how do they take him seriously?
  7. I don't think anyone here really cares if SteveI shares his BS anymore. Just saying...
  8. I used to go to PD and used to think SteveI was legit. But after he predicted a date which came and passed, with no mention of having to have lower denoms out first---then this year decided to follow the logic of having to have HCl in place and chapter 7 lifted and have lower denoms out first, I knew he was a liar and a fake prophet and a pseudo follower of Jesus. Blessings ha ha ha. Thanks BBalls. And his mods are either brainwashed or seeking the love of a fake guru, not sure which is really true. I prefer to believe the former, especially the nurse, who was sooooo excited one month abo
  9. Thanks for the voice of reason and experience Bravo.
  10. There are enough guys/gals on this forum in Iraq to have told us if this really happened. There is only silence from them. If it happened many of them would be able to tell us. But always good to get a little lift from a good fib, which is all this is. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the post 11Bravo. I think it is Erbil agreement unless there are two ways to spell it. Just FYI. Always appreciate your info. One more question. I have brought up the issue of stability many times as I share your concern. I am mostly met with arguments that the RV will enhance stability, giving power back to the citizens and infusing wealth to the country. Thoughts on that? It makes sense to me but what do I know..
  12. There' something working through the system alright, but something that the little pink piggy will want to play in....
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