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  1. Not trying to be negative or positive but do understand human nature. "if you could buy cheap , would you?" Just a thought.
  2. You have banned me from the chat so why don't you ban me from the whole site, now you're pumping the VND. and you couldn't answer one simple question. Are you Licensed, nope so duh who are you.
  3. Boy oh boy aren't people grasping for things and if it was done just in jest then imo it's kinda of sick humor. So many are hoping this will happen to get them out of dire straights and want good info but then again this is just an off timing post.
  4. Not bashing the poster but where did the chat come from, I'm too old for one night stands, been there done that so until they let (CBI) us know then we should just sit on our hands imo.
  5. These dealers are just what their title represents (dealers). They are the go between you and the US Treasury and don't have the funds on hand. They will send your Dinar to the treasury and charge you for the process, that is what is know as the spread. Hope this helps.
  6. Just IMO the Frank Dodd Act pertains to the big boys buying short and selling high. In other words a trader put a small deposit on something and pay over time while what they bought increases in value. Therefor, they can sell out at an increased profit and pay off their initial investment but unduly drive the price up looking for the gain.
  7. The tax question leads to nothing valid in this post. A tax referendom has to come from IRS to the congress and then voted on by both sides. So imo it's not viable.
  8. IMO it's not much different than when the US took large bills out of circulation, but it will devalue nothing. It just gives the citizens the ability to break down the money into increments like we do. It doesn't devalue anything or what we are holding. They sold it to us for a price and if they revalue we will get our return. Just IMO
  9. 23, 2011Allawi, in a state very frustrated and reported his intention to announce his retirement from political actionPalm - a result of conflicts within Mabaka from the list and split the leaders of the task by the result of the conditions had reached after the scandal massacre wedding Dujail and abandon many of him as a result to it ended up and the loss of all his ambitions to sit on the seat of power in Iraq as well as not getting any post in hindsight Ghabra election results.This, according to informed sources, Allawi now lives a severe case of frustration and stress due to rebuke strongly worded received from the leadership of a country neighboring Iraq, supported strongly the hope of his arrival at the prime minister and control the political decision in Iraq, but failed, miserably, which led him to the stage of thinking to quit work political and reclusion away in the suburbs of London, a decision was taken by, but there are close to him prevented him from pushing towards this announcement.Sources close to Allawi, he is now living a crisis severe psychological He sees poles list all arrived to the finish and the assumption by presidential appointment and others, broke away after failing in what is left is out of the equation of the ruling and even the political equation in general is what caused the effect on his performance and political statements that have become tense and nervous and devoid of balance.The scandal was published photos that show the relationship with his political movement (reconciliation) as terrorist assassin Firas Jubouri and public reaction toward it, causing a state of psychological disorder is reflected clearly in the statement he delivered a convulsive and uncontrolled and then traveled to London.And at the same arrived Allawi convinced that the Iraqi security forces and actors in the political process and reached the secrets of the task for all schemes serious Allawi was moving through the support of an international, regional and head of government now have important files condemns Allawi and the others with him which led to concern to remain inside Iraq for fear that use of the preferred against him escape to the city of fog, where his family still live and which will be announced, including expiry of political action and the death of Mabaka from the list of "Iraq."
  10. So much ado about nothing, geeze people go read a summary about the law and what Phoenix said is just his opinion. Can't people deduct things from their own readings or do they want all the work done for them. We all have an opinion on things and if your questions aren't answered here to your liking then seek out an authority on the subject. Sorry if this sound negative but am tired of people crying wolf. JMO
  11. I don't think anyone will know the rate until it's announced. Too many ratio in this equation and we don't have all the infomation. jmo
  12. Does anyone really know.....and all the speculation on this site is just that. Sure we all have opinions and defend them but it and when it happens will either be a I told you so or jeez what just happened and why wasn't I told. I don't trust anyone to know what is going on in another world and we as Americans put to much heart into others who profess to know what is truth. They will do what they choose to do in their own time, not ours.
  13. Guys, this will be done with a band wagon there but not here. Understand the true mentors.
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