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  1. There seems to be confusion relating to the dealers... Who stated they have to stop selling Dinar?? They might have months worth of inventory. They have very loyal customers that are not investors, but sell the dinar to travelers. Many of the traders sell to the banks to cover their very select customers... I have a local trader that has more than enough reserve... I will not give any info of his location or contact info, respectfully.. I speak with him multiple times per day and he has no info or any updated info. When it happens he will be notified by his national trader network. Go RV
  2. The Swiss forex has shown this number many times in the last 3 months... Nothing happening
  3. Boring... I am most concerned with Iraq and us updates. Follow the money!!! Go RV
  4. Relax... No alarm Stay focused on Forex, WTO, UST, BIS, iMF, Europe Media, Kuwait Media, Jordan Media... Still way to many options to keep you posted. go RV
  5. STAY IN. Everyday more people move from the short term investment to the long term investment. Stay longer and earn 20% more on your investment. I don't have to say a word to anyone!!! I have told no one to this point... Let's go RV
  6. He is the real deal. He doesn't sell or buy. It is his passion. He posts once or twice a day. He keep it real and you learn so much. Hope he is back soon! Go RV
  7. Everyone relax. This allows everyone to post and comment. That practice keeps good and bad intel coming at a rate faster than any other site. Poor statement about the VIP folks paying for everything. The VIP receive exclusive info no one else gets. I am sure the site is making money on every user that clicks on a add. Last, Okie is not posting anything on the site... It is being posted by members of this site, turn your unhappiness there. Let's stay focused on the RV
  8. I have personally visited few 3 banks in the last 24 hours discussing the Dinar. In every instance I was able to look directly at their foreign currency screen. Never once, again never once was the Iraqi Dinar even listed. So anyone to say there is a zero or even a holding place with a zero is not telling the truth! I was also the very first about two months ago to call out all the gurus that the screen are not green, black, or any color! The screens have the banks logo and it looks like a simple information web page. The all show only about 20 tradable currencies. Is the Dinar going to R
  9. Everyone understand the confusion is going to get to a level we have never seen. The gurus all have their own agendas. One way to stop a go portion of the chatter is everyone stop cutting and adding guru noise from other sites... Let's go RV
  10. I spoke directly to the BOA foreign currency customer service rep. You reach operator via the 800 number on the bank of your ATM card. Here is their process as I was told.., go to any BOA and deposit your dinar once the RV is known. The branch will send the dinar to Texas location to validate dinar received. The process takes 3-4 days based on the time the deposit is made and the date sent. The operator seemed quite confident they gas the process completely under control. ** warning - do not Call BOA till the RV is live. Next be polite and non aggressive. You are calling asking for help.
  11. Old news. When this order was signed back in May 2011 it is guaranteed a one extension. The president also at the same time focused on a 6/30/2011 date to parallel the DFI fund. The RV is here!!
  12. IMO - Boguc link The person is reading off of cue cards. She attended the same University of the President... Who or why is she motivated to post this UTube topic?? Last, she has no other postes to prove anything... I do not sell dinar, I do not work any agency, or government... Looking to call out the posters and gurus that are trying to create fear. Go RV
  13. Totally agree... Our skin is tough and unbreakable... We are here for what ever time it takes. The Newbies and Gurus grow daily. The mass communication is in play to create fear. Prove who you are and provide links. I do not sell dinar, I do not work for and agency, or government. Go RV
  14. There has been much confusion to throw everyone off the Dinar realization. More Gurus are being added daily and weekly. The ones that have been in play for quite some time are starting to change the cadence in their communication and tempo of their messages. We all must fight the emotional need to just add information. Everyone is only cutting and copying info... If we stop that process we will see the information much clearer. We need to be much more aware and with our eyes open to identify ones that are seeking to confuse or distract us from the real issues of the Dinar. I do not sell Di
  15. Go away... Where in your link or contact??
  16. The RV might be close, but is not official till Okie calls out "GEMBOX"!!! We are waiting...
  17. We are flooded with a variety of sites that discuss the Dinar, sell the Dinar, and/or hype the Dinar. I plan on giving you my opinion of each sites and areas they are a falling short. Ok, first it is import to know owns the site and what part of the country or world are they based. Are there sites owned by multiple owners or only a few owners? Are the posters, pumpers, gurus paid to post? Are there sites that just focus on selling ads or memberships? How do they make money? Last, some sites show you numbers of hits and how they are doing... Haha. Ok, my first site is Dinar Vets... You guess
  18. I gave heard the word "voucher", but feel we are not understanding the use or meaning. The US military and UST seem to want no Dinar to leave leave IRAQ. They don't want anyone to come back to the states and sell the Dinar. This collection of the Dinar or the use of the voucher is another method to control the market. Last, the voucher doesn't equal RV at this time. Go RV
  19. Gurus, What do you need from us to get better and more exact information? Who do we need to follow up with? What do you need? You are doing a lot of work, but are you seeing the bigger picture? How can we use the media to spur this processes on? There are a lot of folks looking to you to drop the bread crumbs we need to follow. Who is blocking this process? Who needs to know they are being blocked? Step up and really blow our socks off with intel that is trully amazing. Show us what you have been doing for years, but at a higher level. Fight to be the very first to give us the right da
  20. Dear Sir, Good morning to you, our current rate is IQD1183/US$. With best regards Executive Secretary Al Handal Group cid:image001.jpg@01CC2367.225F3410 ------------------ I received this email from a bank earlier today in IRAQ. Seems there is no RV or RV at this time. Go RV
  21. Start learning more about the banks of Iraq. Go RV
  22. Dinar Buddy


    Where are Gurus quoting most of their intel from. The link below is the source of many intel posts... My link Go RV
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