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    OKIE Randalln you off to close the deal? Any other word other than signing papers? What kind of papers can you share bro!? BTW I think we should meet up somewhere on a beach and smoke a nice fat blunt in celebration.
  2. Did your record the conversation or write down her answers? That is a lot of stuff to remember otherwise.. Thanks
  3. Calm before the storm!?
  4. I better quit checking forex/cbi/DV before I go insane. If 30th comes and goes im restraining myself to check from here on out.
  5. Iraqi Dinar will not be world currency EVER. The US will not let that happen. China will not let the US dollar collapse into itself considering we power their economy and they rely on us to purchase their exports. You may see the dollar drop to rates lower than we would ever want to see but once your every day schmoe finally smells the coffee, there will be measures to prevent ultimate destruction of the USD.
  6. Yeah when I turned 7 it was 07-07-1997. Same when I turned 17.... 07-07-2007 =P
  7. I dunno what you saw but im reading the same old ish.
  8. Ty not my birthday yet though! July 7th is around the corner, if it goes down before them I might rent a club and invite the GANG.
  9. oh looky looky a month ago and we were all excited. Lets stop turning our dreams into reality. This RV will happen the way it is suppose we just have to wait and keep calm.
  10. Someone posted somewhere that if you have a Warka account their account login is a different URL that is currently UP. This bandwidth exceeded is exactly what it means. I doubt anyone can fix it either considering they are all out for the holiday. Relax everyone. The 30th is something to look forward to.
  11. 2 text messages from who? I don't get how 2nd one pertains to Dinar unless of course the government is being burned as we speak.
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