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  1. Thanks TexasGranny for your help! Have a Great Week! Tooly
  2. I can't seem to login with my email address to renew my vip with the discount. When I enter my email it says there is no user for that address. I want to renew before the 29th of April if possible. Thanks Tooly
  3. Can someone tell me what this is below. It shows up when I am reading the forums. I have never posted to a forum before now and don't understand what this is. Did I do something wrong or is this an error? You can make 3 more posts today. This restriction is in place until you have 4 more approved posts This post will need approval from a moderator before this post is shown. This restriction will be lifted when you have 1 more approved posts Read more:
  4. Do you still have dinar for sale? I live close to you and I am interested in buying.
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