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  1. I will sell you mine if you want. I just toke a big one and it stinx. I been eating chinees food and corn beef hash all week, some peaces are still hole in this dong so i may charge you extra posteg. SMELL IT
  2. Buch **** um we smeled it and O cleaned it up, and said it was chochlet! We would eat a poo diper if they said it was made by jelo.
  3. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA didnt expect that. good find! Bob
  4. I just farted would you like to smell it? I herd it is the best way to pick up chicks, if they like your flachulents. so breath it in and send it back and i will tell you if i like it. ( i probubly will) unless your name is Joe. Everyone knows somone named joe, and there farts always stink. My name is not joe but the other day i let one rip that sounded like a trany breaking, was hot like candel wax, and smeled like a baby fetis left out in the sun for 3 days in 97 degre heat, it kinda smelled like the shrimp roll my wife buys every year on new years eav.
  5. I am vary happy but my wife hates her self. Come to think of it i hate my wife to. She is vary discruntal
  6. so we half to buy more dinar? up to 1 mill?
  7. we should have some wine and exchange intel I know you are but what am I?
  8. I am Not defending you so dont know what you mean
  9. Yeah I will be right over, i will come in the back door. Stones? we should rub some together
  10. The people that bash okie are the same people that love to see he posted and are some of the first to read it. you reply negitivly cas you want to make sure everyone knows YOU dont want any good news. If you look back at most of the last two weeks okie rv dates you will see that later on when it didnt happen everyone that is a so cald guru or person willing to share intel with us in the dark, start talking about how it was suposed to go down but didnt cas somone jumped in and delayed it. He tells what he gets and i am thankfull for it. Do any of you think that he is not skeptical of what he gets told? i am sure he is but he passes it on cas its better than nothing. So next time he posts make sure you bash him so everyone knows you no your not faling for his intel even thowe you were probly one of the first to read it and know nothing. I like all you others look forward to his next post .
  11. Mod half to ban okie posts? Shut up dude you like them enuph to read them and reply so what are u bithing about? dont even bother answering I DONT CAIR. your not okie so you know nothing.
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