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  1. I do understand some of the frustration with this type of investment. I also know that there are other ways to look at this from the outsider that is looking for a place to invest their hard earned money. Most of the investments have the risk reward factor that each of us have to decide is it REALLY FOR ME OR NOT??? Do I understand all that I can before I put my money into this type of risk reward situation? It has been stated that you need to only invest what you and your family can afford and I do believe that is very key to our emotions towards this forum and sometimes to the individuals on this site. If the answer is YES and you want to go down the road with this investment that is great. If your answer is NO then that is great too. If you said YES and now your are having second thoughts and you do not have the stomach to view this as a possible long term investment then cash in your dinar and cut your losses. No hard feelings really we all will respect you for the decisions made. Investments and deals are like buses, if you do not like the first one or the second one after you look it over then just wait a bit there will be another one that you will feel more comfortable with soon. Go RV and HAPPY 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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