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  1. This woman was killed today....the day after this interview (yesterday), for reporting on ME news broadcast station, the relationship between the Turkey-ISIS team. She provided the world with documented photos and film of their relationship....and its impact on the Battle of Kobane.... ISIS continues to reinforce their troops through Turkey and continues to shell Kobane as of today... And its doubtful anything will happen in seeking Turkish Intelligence accountability for her death... I salute her as a hero in bringing us the truth, at the expense of her own life, in this brutal, vicious, murd
  2. +Comment WikiLeaks has revealed a new draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the controversial free trade treaty currently being negotiated by 12 nations in the Asia-Pacific region. The new leak comprises a version of the treaty's second chapter said to be the result of round of negotiations conducted in Vietnam during May 2014. WikiLeaks claims the revisions in the new draft include “a resuscitation of the defeated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)”, a treaty that among other things would have criminalised attempts to circumvent digital rights management. DRM includes several t
  3. Heads up people.... tell your elected, no more business with Turkey... The brash boldness with their actions is appalling .... Press TV strongly implies that Turkey killed their Serena Shim after threatening her. She was covering Kobane Yeah Senator Cruz.... Thanks Umbert! .
  4. And Iraq Prime Minster Haider al-Abadi gave Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu a jingle on the telly and said knock it off.... The new Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said that he called Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to tell him that "Turkey must not conduct military operations against the PKK in Iraq!" The Iraqi Prime Minister made the announcement during his speech in parliament on the security situation in Iraq. Abadi said regarding the PKK: "The PKK is currently fighting alongside us against the terrorist organisations. We have told Turkey that they
  5. And here's a word from the guy with the stones of an elephant..... Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan answered questions on his return from his trip to Afghanistan. To a question on Turkey's role in the coalition against ISIS and the discussions on the Incirlik military base, Erdogan said: "We do not know what is being asked of us, in regards to Incirlik. We will evaluate the situation when we are clear on this. We will sit with our security officials and discuss what is on the table, if it is suitable to us we will say 'yes', if not then it is not possible for us to approve." To
  6. Picture of Turkish Army Giving ISIS Weapons and Supplies Before they Head to Kobane (and if this makes your blood boil, you can email your elected folks and tell them to NOT pay Turkey to train coalition fighters as is currently very clearly in the plan.... then send them articles that the US news forgot to cover)... and BTW these articles are all over and I am only posting one of many ... Originally posted on The Rojava Report: Local residents are claiming that ISIS fighters and Turkish soldiers attached to the Karaca military base met last night in the border region near Kobanê, ac
  7. Israeli prof.: US lagging behind on Ebola precautions, U.S. needs infrared screening at airports. (TOI).HT : IsraelMatzav. An American-Israeli expert in infectious diseases has attacked the United States' failure to screen airline passengers by taking their temperatures using infrared cameras as a means of preventing passengers with Ebola from boarding planes. According to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Professor Leslie Lobel, “the world has been asleep for 50 years regarding infectious diseases and Ebola is the wake-up call.” Lobel is a world-recognized virologist who has studied the
  8. Statement from the YPG Commander 19 Oct 2014 Statement of the YPG General Command To the Media and the General Public, It has been 33 days that the city of Kobane has been fighting terrorism in eventful days of resistance, redemption, and enormous sacrifices in combating the terrorist attacks of ISIS and its evils. For this organization which has become the biggest threat to the global peace and stability, the battle of Kobane poses a historic turning point. We are certain that the result of this battle will shape the future of Syria and the democratic struggle for freedom and peace. We
  9. War for Kobane: 13,000 terrified Kurds trapped between Isil and Turkish border Up to 13,000 terrified Kurdish refugees trapped in dangerous no-man’s land along Syria’s border with Turkey, with Islamic State jihadis closing in The thousands of refugees stuck at three separate border points appear in less obvious danger from Isil atrocities than the 700 civilians still stuck inside Kobane itself, according to United Nations estimates Photo: Robert Tait By Robert Tait, Yumurtalik 5:49PM BST 10 Oct 2014 They are the forgotten people of the war for Kobane. As the battle for control
  10. Hey Jim at first I thought it might be a wrong hands issue, but they have YPG in the command center calling in air strikes... And I know the USAF is very good at drops...... in this world of double speak, its odd that we call bombing "humanitarian aid", and not dropping in supplies... Its also been interesting reading the flow of mission change regarding Kobane... its humanitarian, then its target opportunity (ISIS) and today in a different article, the same General says its part of the strategy to save Iraq... which remains the US coalition priority.... NATO partner Turkey is still being f
  11. Excellent very short video from Wall Street Journal that shows an overhead view of what is happening where... in Kobani so it makes much more sense, when you try to follow which forces are where and what that means... ...Could not figure out how to post video but the link takes you to WSJ and that video... (probably after a stupid commercial)... . ISIS is losing face. has assembled many many more resources and is pounding Kobane again... PYG put out official statement that they are working with FSA.... I'll post that in gallery later tonight... US coalition still not dropping in w
  12. Looks like the Kobane intelligence was correct re: massive attack... here is most recent article: Islamic State: US-led coalition strikes pound more IS targets in Syrian border town of KobaneUpdated 10 minutes agoSat 18 Oct 2014, 6:35pm Photo: Smoke and flames rise over Kobane after US-led airstrikes stuck Islamic State Related Story: Kurds claim to have taken back key hill near Kobane Related Story: Turkish warplanes strike outlawed Kurdish separatists Map: Syrian Arab Republic US-led coalition jets have carried out at least six new air strikes on Islamic State targets in Kobane i
  13. News is already referring to Iraq's new MP of Defense Khaled al-Obaidi, relative to war against ISIS (bolded below) ISIS militants struggle for survival in street battles with Kurds in Kobane 1 hour ago October 19, 2014 11:40AM An airstrike by US-led coalition aircraft in Kobane, Syria. Source: Getty Images ISLAMIC State militants may finally have made a fatal mistake. Suffering heavy losses on the ground in Syria and dodging a hailstorm of US bombs, their reign of terror could now be seriously weakened. The extremists battling in Kobane have still not succeeded in cutting
  14. A Kurdish military commander says Kurdish fighters are gaining more ground against the ISIL Takfiri militants in and around the Syrian city of Kobani. The commander said on Friday that the fighters managed to force out the ISIL militants from most of the city’s areas. He added that the terrorists, before retreating, had left bombers in the ruins of the various buildings in the city. The commander went on to express optimism about the possibility of liberating the entire city in the near future. Reports say Kurdish fighters are currently engaged in heavy fighting with the Takfiri militants
  15. Excerpts from book based upon extremely rare interviews with those inside the al-Qaida, which has morphed into the Islamic State IS / ISIS / ISIL Given the IS preference for beheading journalists or otherwise killing them... it is rare to have info from them, much less such a well detailed plan... There is a whole lot of background I'm omitting about the guy who did these interviews... but its pretty amazing.... You'll note in reading the below that it was about 2003 when this was put out... and looking at the 2013 date (which would have been in his future).. its pretty right on... Though the
  16. Might not be over quite yet....IS knows the world is watching and a defeat would show the world they are not the unstoppable force they seem to have been in places like Iraq.... The huge difference has been having ground forces who take them on in fighting (versus the Iraqi who fled upon seeing them)..... This is some of the info coming in within the last hour 12:00 PDT Very heavy clashes in Kobane the coalition is supporting the defensive front-lines of YPG and shell IS positions intermittently.... "Turkish army turns off the lights of the border with Kobane to send more ammo to IS in
  17. 2nd Nurse with Ebola may have had worse case during flights Amber Vinson 1 Comment Shares Tweets Stumble Email More + DENVER - The president of Frontier Airlines says a nurse who was on flights between Dallas and Cleveland and who later tested positive for Ebola may have been at a more advanced stage of the illness than previously thought. Amber Joy Vinson, 29, was diagnosed with Ebola on Wednesday. She had helped treat Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient in the U.S., at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital before the Liberian man died Oct. 8. Late Wednesday, Vinson was t
  18. Wow Nadita.... that is a lot of stuff to distill.. and boil down so concisely.... Thanks for the update... don't know how you do it, but glad you do... thanks... .
  19. Latest Updates Across the Region: Latest updates: 11:14 P.M. Car bombs rock Baghdad, at least 24 killed A string of car bombs killed at least 24 people across Baghdad on Friday night, medical and police officials said, amid a surge of violence in the capital. No one immediately said they were responsible for the blasts, but other attacks in recent weeks have been claimed by Sunni Muslim militant group Islamic State, which is battling the Shi'ite Muslim-led government and has seized large parts of neighboring Syria. A parked car blew up near a coffee shop in the Shi'ite area of Baladiyat
  20. No Nelg... I'm glad you said something.... Not that I'm soliciting... but when I don't see pluses (or negs ugh) and there is no commentary, I start wondering if no one is interested... and hope I'm not doing this as something that's intrusive on the board... It belongs to everyone and I want to make sure I'm not being piggish... ewww. At the same, while doing this, it really hit me just how different is the news we get in the US... And for the limited amount we do get... its days late... We here on DV have been ahead of all of what I hear on US News by a day...(including the article I'm a
  21. Interesting Synopsis, essentially cuing on some of the same aspects as discussed in here.... IF you can only read one thing.... this would be it: By Gary Brecher On October 16, 2014 KUWAIT CITY — A strange thing happened in Kobane, the Kurdish border town besieged by Islamic State: It didn’t fall. In fact, today the BBC reported that Islamic State, the supposedly invincible jihadis who have been besieging Kobane, is retreating from the city. Nobody expected that. Well, nobody except me. I’ve been saying for a long time that IS(IS) was the most overhyped military force on the planet
  22. Skeet!! From Central Command.. 16 Oct... (pssst they forgot per Gen Allen, it was for humanitarian needs and not to directly fight ISIS... that or they no longer give a rip what Turkey thinks about it all)... TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 16, 2014 - U.S. military forces continued to attack ISIL terrorists in Syria Wednesday and today, using bomber and fighter aircraft to conduct 14 airstrikes. All 14 airstrikes took place near Kobani. Initial reports indicate the strikes successfully struck 19 ISIL buildings, two ISIL command posts, three ISIL fighting positions, three ISIL sniper positions, one
  23. Yo Thug a licious.... You are so GQ I don't know why you even bother with the make-up..... but Happy Thuggie Day....
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