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  1. I work as a bank teller at a small bank in a small town, and today as I was leaving we had a book of sealed rates come in and no one really knew what it was for. Our manager said that we would get emails on the info soon. My thing is our bank is small and we don't sell or deal with foreign currency. Mabe we will have to exchange it? Really interesting and I was kindda excited. I will keep everyone posted as soon as I find out.
  2. Hello MissJaye, nice to see a fellow southern girl on here. I am your from Louisiana, I agree the rumors section can be quite amusing and frustrating all in one post. LOL
  3. Well the low blows came when preacher man started ranting, and your name calling is sad, you do not know me and can not judge me by my opinion and if so the you must have no friend because NO ONE is perfect. Oh and my grand mother and grandfather are both preachers so I am very familiar with every page. And if you think the context you use the in was appropriate, well that is your opinion. Their will always be sheep in wolves clothing. I, like everything else want the RV over.
  4. Not getting my point!! UNCLE! Good luck to all go RV!
  5. Thanks, you too, and Adam has said in e-mails to not tell everyone about your investment because of being taken advantage of and setting yourself up for problems and being a target. Great example is the very first guy to post telling his fed-ex man, you don't know everyone and what they will do to you and your family for money. He does know where you live.....
  6. All I was saying that people need to keep their mouths shut, and if you are a preacher you have a little problem with people giving opinions. I also never said I would not help my family friends and charity. I just am not announcing to the town for me and my children. I do not want them to be know as the kids with money. Chill, everyone has an opinion.
  7. Did someone leave the bold type on?
  8. mrsonnyr, I do understand exactly what you mean but I also know what money can do to people. Yes, I have gotten burned bad by my own family for 4 years when my dad was in a coma and I fought tooth and nail to get money to bury him when he passed. Me and my husband both work full time in a middle class family, with my 2 children and two dogs and yea I have walked in those shoes. I am holding 2 mill. And I would love to know about your foundation, have a website. I would like to start a children's program in or small town.
  9. Ha ha ha ha, thats funny, and FYI I support many charitys including Breast Cancer center of America and Parkinson's research, also support both private schools my children attend and the church communities. You missed the whole point, that you are setting yourself up for being taken advantage of and having your identity stolen. Oh and p.s. the fake thing was lame! Ha ha ha ha
  10. Well the problem I have is the ones like myself has been invested for 7 years and have been just waiting for the payday, and still nothing. I may sound selfish but the ones that have been in for years I bet feel the same way. Way too many people tell everyone about Dinars and a year ago no one knew the word. It has given too many people opportunity to buy in and if everyone is going to be a millionaire then then what?? Social ruin!! Just saying, my family does not even know I have them or yet any one in my town. And when it does RV no one will still know. Because I don't go to the grocery tell everyone in line about Dinars, because it is no ones business.
  11. WOW..... just WOW, this is making people crazy!
  12. What is going on with xe currency site too? All afternoon it has said IQD $1.00? Just asking if anyone else has noticed?
  13. I want the truth just like everyone else, but at least they are giving info with some back, other than "Monday RV or Friday" I am so tired of all the my uncles cousins best friend from college said. I have been doing this for 7 years and now way too many people know nothing. Way too many people have talked and talked and now people are spending money they don't have on Dinars and it is sad, no one in my family or friends even know I have Dinars and even WHEN the RV comes no one will know. Good luck friends and trust in life to lead you to success. Think positive and smart.
  14. Hmmm? Crown and Coke please! Just wondering how many we have from Louisiana on, just to see who we will party like millionaires at Mardi Gras!
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