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  1. Have faith,you are not here for nothing.This will happen.Stay the course,and have faith.
  2. Whilst I have bought in to the revaluation of world currencies,particularly ,the Iraqi Dinar,I have been torn to shredds by naysayers,family members,offkilter gurus that have been saying "we'll see it next week",since the time I entered this journey.I guess you could say I've become a lurker.Truth no longer seems to matter to far too many people.My beliefs were already established young in life.I was just hoping that this investment could be a feather in my cap.It still can ,and I still have hope,regardless.Go RV.Keep your eyes open and watch your topknot.
  3. Thank all veterans who have served our country,We may never be able to repay you,but your service is appreciated.
  4. People always are trying to build a highway to the sky;and God always stops them.He say's there is only one way to get to Him ,and it is through His son Jesus Christ. People are always trying to build a highway to the skies,and God always stops them.God says there is only one way to get to Him ,and that is thruogh His son Jesus Christ.
  5. Not only Christins,but whoever sees the light of this thing will be enriched.Remember Jesus said "the sons of this world are wiser in their generation than the sons of light".Some just wo'nt see.
  6. It was about something I read on Dinar recaps.I apologise for giving the impression that I did not believe in an end time transfer of wealth.Surely when the dinar revalues alot of wealth will be transferred.What I meant though was I don't believe God promises to make us rich,but he gives us the power to make wealth.What He does promise is all the riches of His word ,and every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.4aprofit must have picked up on my mistake of words.Once againI am not a naysayer nor a lopster.I am a prophet and a shepherd.I am not afraid to speak the truth to anyone.
  7. I can see where you are coming from easy.I am glad to explain myself.I have been involved directly or indirectly with the ministry for over thirty years.There has come many teachings in these last days that are not in accordance with what the saints believed.When John wrote revelation,the christians had already suffered for many years under the romans.Jesus Christ was crucified by the romans.John was righting in figurative language that the followers of Jesus at that day would understand about the nature of the antichristan power that they were even now facing.This is made clearin Chapter 17.Just as there are types and shadows of Christ sprinkled throughout the old testament,even so John is using Babylon here to describe Rome.As Babylon persecuted the Jews ,even so would rome do to the christians.Read foxxes book of martyrs.Ch.17 vs.6 says the woman was drunk on the blood of tghe holy ones,and on the blood of the witnesses of Jesus.How many of the martyrs in that book died in Bhagdad?0 They were all put to death by rome.Even Peter referred to the saints that were in Babylon 1Pet.5:12 Peter was in rome when he wrote that.Because of the intensity of the persecution he disguised the word rome with babylon,and the believers understood what he was saying.The bible is clear about one thing ,their will again be intense persecution by this same power that they were facing,and the saints down through the ages have faced.Does that help you to understand my point any better?
  8. What concerns me is that (I'm sure)really good people can get their facts wrong.When I read that people trusted Moses and God,I'm thinkingno they did'nt,they complained ,they moaned,they grieved His spirit,and God swore in His wrath that they would not enter His rest.They died in the wilderness.
  9. I am not a lopster,or a naysayer,I believe the plan was initiated by Bush ,Cheney ,and greenspan,with the help of the united nations ,and others to bring back the value of Iraq's currency after they meet the requirements to be lifted out of chapter 7,and pass the oil and gas law,and take care of amnesty.There is more going on that I dont know with Iraq than what I do know ,so I do'nt say much.But I have been reading the bible for some time.I just call them as I see them.
  10. You must understand the kind of world we are living in.Sunday I tried to post a simple bible story on facebook,and I was blocked.They said i was spammy,or unsafe.I just read an article on dinar recaps by Deb Tarheel Girl.Words of encouragement.It said the people trusted Moses as he spoke from God.She has many good scriptures and :words of encouragement,just not the truth.If thepeople trusted Moses and God they would not have all died in the wilderness.I believe Iraq will revalue it's currency,because they said they will,not because the bible says there will be an end time tranfer of wealth as many guru's claim.Thier distortion of the scriptures is appalling.If Iraq is going to be the wealthiest nation in the world ,because "the bible says so",I say show me where the bible say's so?If Iraq is Babylon mentioned in the book of revelation,then Gods command to His people is "come out of Iraq my people"Iraq is the site of ancient Babylon,and the jews left there about 2600 years ago.I urge you all to rethink this through ."Beloved,do not trust every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they belong to God.because many false prophets have gone out into the world."1 john 4:1
  11. The world is changing,as we wait ,and are put on hold,it seems as if the devil is hell bent on getting his due.If there is a window of opportunity it won't be opened wide.For good to triumph,good men,and women must do something.You might find yourselves backed up against the wall.Your faith,which is more precious than gold,is going to,and already has been tried.Be strong and of good courage ,and hope in God,who is above all the powers that be.
  12. Are you saying that you do'nt lose money even if the reserve expires?
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