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  1. LOL ... OK - I can see the zoo zealots zapping the poor zany zebra zombies ... BUT ... What the heck language is the rest? ...I think maybe your brain may have had an aneurysm on that last part !!!
  2. Thanks Sara - I feel much more official, now
  3. An admiral attempt at alliteration anyways ... as an advanced alliteration afficionado always attests. Well gollee ... surprise, surprise ... You're going straight to hell for THAT one !!!!
  4. I'm guessing The Big Bang Theory, the show; not the theory may be a favourite?
  5. Why, we wonder .... would winsome wordsmiths waste worthwhile wattage writing witty wordage?
  6. Cooked curiously clobbers cob .... caution ... counter claim coming!!!
  7. tank ?? ... mack ??? ... All I got is ... Xcellent ... xcessive xaggerations xcused.
  8. Finally finished finding faults ... few financiers favor funding fiscal foolery .
  9. Great post Delta. I was fortunate to have been the recipient of someone else's generosity one day. My girlfriend and I were camping in the country and needed to go into town to pick up a few groceries for supper. Long story short - no bank in town and the general store didn't take debit cards as payment. The gentleman in front of us in line paid for our food despite our protests and suggested that we could repay him by doing the same for someone else in a similar situation in the future. Needless to say i have repaid him in kind a few times since then and have always made the same suggestion to others. If the situation presents itself you will know in your heart what to do. I'm not comparing myself to the great men and women of our nations' services - but the pay-it-forward mentality has stuck with me since that summer day many, many years ago.
  10. First sonny1 and now this? Things are starting to look a little brighter now - oh wait ... it's just the moon.
  11. semi-merging ... or just plain purging?
  12. Portly Pink Piggy polo purchase please !!! (Since Dinar Thug didn't put Shabbi's Ramadan Diet Secrets in the CNN Enquirer this morning!!!)
  13. Oh come on ... we all love to hear a good THUNK once in a while !!!!
  14. Watch where you're walking - or don't wear your good shoes.
  15. verrrry interesting ....
  16. You want Intel ... Here's some Intel:
  17. Bravo ... beneficially brave bibliophiles brazenly blog before breakfast brew becomes bitter... Oh yeah ... Go Piggy !!! Do I hear a C?
  18. I don't recall anyone saying the Iraqis would be instant millionaires - just investors from outside Iraq depending on the rate of course. My understanding is, the Iarqis would not necessasrily become millionaires in-country, but the value of their holdings would increase significantly as their dinar would now be worth more. They could subsequently exchange currency with 000s for the smaller denominations, or simply deposit them into their bank accounts and withdraw smaller sums later; either way, their holdings would not change, just the purchasing power of those holdings, 1,000,000 dinar in big notes pre-RV will still equal 1,000,000 dinar in small notes post-RV but should they wish to travel abroad, that 25,000 note that used to buy a loaf of bread, would be worth upwards of $75,000 US if one was to believe a $3 rate of RV.
  19. What's wrong tank ... Perhaps people positively prefer punny posts, posted perfectly, punctuated precisely promoting proud Pink Piggys.
  20. The UN meeting of the 28th had NOTHING to do with lifting Chapter 7 ... it's on the UN website and was a 15-0 vote to extend UNAMI ... Welcoming the important progress Iraq has made towards regaining the international standing it held prior to the adoption of resolution 661 (1990), calling on the Government of Iraq to continue ongoing cooperation with the Government of Kuwait to address outstanding issues and to meet its outstanding obligations under the relevant Chapter VII Security Council resolutions pertaining to the situation between Iraq and Kuwait and underscoring the importance of ratification of the Additional Protocol to its Comprehensive Safeguard Agreement, Expressing deep gratitude to all the United Nations staff in Iraq for their courageous and tireless efforts, 1. Decides to extend the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for a period of twelve months; 2. Decides further that the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and UNAMI, at the request of the Government of Iraq, and taking into account the letter of from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq to the Secretary-General shall continue to pursue their mandate as stipulated in resolution 1936 (2010); S/2011/465 11-43550 3 (S/2011/464, annex), 3. Recognizes that security of United Nations personnel is essential for UNAMI to carry out its work for the benefit of the people of Iraq and calls upon the Government of Iraq and other Member States to continue to provide security and logistical support to the United Nations presence in Iraq; 4. Welcomes the contributions of Member States in providing UNAMI with the financial, logistical, and security resources and support that it needs to fulfil its mission and calls upon Member States to continue to provide UNAMI with sufficient resources and support; 5. Expresses its intention to review the mandate of UNAMI in twelve months or sooner, if requested by the Government of Iraq; 6. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Council every four months on the progress made towards the fulfilment of all UNAMI’s responsibilities; and 7. Decides to remain seized of the matter.
  21. Tomorrow's CNN Enquirer or the RV? Because right now - I'm just focused on tomorrow's CNN headlines .... I'm trying to lose those last few pounds before I go on vacation and I want to look good in my bathing suit. The RV can wait until after I'm back, but those extra few inches make me feel a little porky.
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